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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 27, August, 2016 Power Encounter With The Holy Spirit

We must have the desire to grow in power of God.
We must long for dynamic relationship with God.
We want Christianity that is real, not just mundane.

Luke 4:1, 14
Lord Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit.
He fasted. Then, he returned in power.
Luke 9:43
He moved in mighty power.
There was a growth in the anointing of God in His life.

Acts 2:4, 4:33
The apostles moved from power to great power.

We need to have determined faith, faith which has been knocked down many times and gets back up again.
Without determined faith, Christianity will just be a dry religion. We will stop at nice and gentle people.
Even if we go through difficult times, the miracle of God can be just one season of fasting and prayer away.

Matt 6:13
We must want to see His kingdom, power and glory manifested in us.

2 Pet 1:3
Our advancement in life is based on His divine power.
Our own self effort can only help up to certain extent.
We are called to glory. The power of God will take us into the glorious destiny.

Eph 2:2
Satan plays around with our lives if we do not have the destiny.
What is the destiny like?

1. Our destiny is glorious
Rm 8:28-30
The fact that we are saved, God has prepared destiny for His children.
Our destiny is gonna shine brighter and brighter.

2. Our destiny is enviable
Galatians 4:28, Genesis 26:12-14
We are like Isaac. He prospered during famine, the Philistines envied him.
Just like Isaac, the world will envy us. Our destiny is not pitiable, it is enviable.

Our power comes with the Holy Spirit.

1. The Holy Spirit is the source of all power.
The Bible talks about supernatural things.
Isaiah 61:1-3
Even our comforting and consoling, it has to be done in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
All these cannot happen without the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 10:38
Lord Jesus did not just stop at doing good and kind to the oppressed.
He healed the sick.

2. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of vision
Vision = supernatural insight in the imagination
John 16:13-14
The Holy Spirit holds the map of our life.
He will gradually unfold the vision of our lives.

3. The Holy Spirit gives revelation of the Scripture.
Vision is driven by revelation.
If a vision is inspired by a good idea, we will give up during waiting period.
But if a vision is backed up by revelation, we will persevere to keep the vision alive.
1 Cor 2:13
A vision is something spiritual. It must be backed up by another spiritual force which is the word of God.
1 John 2:27
The Holy Spirit teaches us directly during quiet time.
Eph 1:17,19
Every time the Holy Spirit shows us something, new things open up.
What kind of power the Holy Spirit brings? The power of resurrection.

4. The Holy Spirit empowers us to fulfill the vision.
There is much adversary, the Holy Spirit empowers us to fight against the adversary.
Zech 4:6
It is not by human might, but it is by the Holy Spirit.
After all, demonic power distracts us away from the destiny.
The Holy Spirit strengthens us to complete our life assignment.
Ps 84:7
From strength to strength = increasing in victorious power.
2 Cor 4:16
Even if our body grows old, our spiritual man grows stronger.

5. The Holy Spirit’s power is released only on demand.
The Holy Spirit does not randomly fall on us.
Ps 63:1-2
We need to be desperate to see God’s power and glory.
We can’t buy power with money.
The people who know their God shall be strong.
Acts 14:31, 33
How could a place be shaken? By the intensity of their prayer, perhaps.

How precious is our destiny to us?
What price are we willing to pay to fulfill our destiny?

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