Pastor Kong’s Sermon 3, September, 2016 Sanctification: The Catalyst for Power Encounter

To experience power of the Holy Spirit (the power of resurrection, the greatest power of all), there has to be purity in our lives.

Rm 14:17
The kingdom of God is not about something transient like food or drink.
Righteousness = purity
Peace = we must not grieve the Holy Spirit.
Joy = If we have nothing else, Lord Jesus is more than enough.

We need purity/sanctification.
What is sanctification? To be made holy like Lord Jesus and to have no more desire for sin.
It is catalyst for the fulfilment of our destiny.

Sanctification is impossible without the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
The reason Jesus could be tempted at all points and not sin is because He has the Holy Spirit
Rm 1:3-4
The Holy Spirit kept Him holy. Hence, He has continual power over sin.

John 14:30
Satan did not have hold on Lord Jesus because Lord Jesus did not sin at all.
Matt 3:11
Even though our destiny is glorious and enviable, it has to be refined by fire.

Bubonic plague was deadly but was stopped due to fire killing the rats.
Only the fire of Holy Spirit can come to the inner sewers of our lives and burn away all the rats of sinful nature in us.

Rm 8:13
Human discipline can only help us to certain extent.
Total life sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit.

1 Cor 6:11
Sanctification happens by the Spirit of God in the name of Lord Jesus.

Why do we need sanctification

1. For prayer answers
Ps 66:18
If I approve sin, the LORD will not answer prayer.

2. For revelation
Ps 25:14
God has many secrets which He will not reveal to the bystanders.
It is the revelation which drives our destiny.
Revelation gives us wisdom to live an overcoming life.

3. For new levels of anointing
Ps 45:7
We can be the only one anointed as we live in righteousness.
Not everyone has the same level of anointing as we all have different degree of purity.
Proverb 1:23
If we listen to the Holy Spirit’s rebuke, we will receive revelation from God.

4. For security of destiny.
So many great destinies in the Bible were shipwrecked due to sin.
1 Cor 10:1-10
They had lust, they worshipped idols, they committed sexual immorality, they tempted Christi (daring God to judge us), they were complainers.
1 John 2:6

Silent killer of destiny #1 the lust of the flesh
Samson. The strongest guy but could not control his raging hormone.
Solomon. The wisest guy but could not control his crave for women.

Silent killer of destiny #2 The lust of the eyes
Achan stole the holy things of the promised land
Gehazi ran after Naaman to ask for gifts.
Judas exchanged his eternal destiny for 30 pieces of silver.

Silent killer of destiny #3 the pride of life
2 Sam 17:23. Ahitophel hanged himself because his advice was not taken.
1 Sam 15:22-23 We

5. For posterity
Psalm 112:1-3
Our descendants are going to be mighty.

How does God sanctify us?

1. By direct encounter with the Spirit of holiness.
We do not need to compromise or cut corners in order to succeed.
Job 31
Job made a vow not to have lust, not to love silver or gold and to submit to God.
Ezekiel 36:27

2. By revelation of the truth
God’s word is the carrier of His Spirit.
John 6:63
The Bible is saturated by the Spirit of God. If we believe it, the life from God comes into us.
John 17:17, Psalm 119:9-11
If we keep His word in us, the power of God comes. We will lose the desire to sin.

3. By fervent prayer and fasting
Matt 26:41
When we are tempted to sin, we must pray. The more we pray, the stronger the spirit becomes.
When we fast, there is spiritual acceleration.
Joel 1:14
Sanctification is related to fast.
When Christians fast, our goal is to engage the power of God.

Effect of fasting:
1. Very aware of the strength and the drive of the fallen flesh (anger, spiritual complacency, unrestrained sexual drive) 
2. We assert mastery over the flesh (the flesh becomes the slave)
3. Prayer now connects us directly to God. (without prayer, fasting is just dieting)

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