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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22, October, 2016

The atmosphere of God’s kingdom is the atmosphere of power.
We must operate in the supernatural.

Eph 1:17-19
We are to understand the revelation: the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance, and the exceeding greatness of His power.
We need to believe in these 3 revelations.

Eph 1:20-21
The revelation of power which God deposits in us: resurrection power, ascension power, glorification power.
We are meant to live and operate in supernatural power.

Acts 2:20
Attested. To be proven that we are genuine article. It is evident by fact.
The seal is miracles, wonders and signs.
We can no longer always struggle like the lost  
We are peculiar people, we are not the same as the rest of the world. 
The devil will throw fiery darts to us. However, we don’t struggle anymore.

Psalm 82:5-7
Like fathers, like children. 
If God is Heavenly Father, there is a slice of divinity in us.
John 10:34-38
The supernatural validates His sonship.

Ex 15:11, Isa 8:18
God produces wonder doing children

What is supernatural?
We cannot explain. Yet, we cannot deny.

Acts 4:16, Ex 8:18-19
Miracle is the finger of God in the affairs of men.
Luke 11:20

Supernatural signs only follow those who believe, not those who stay in church for a long time.
Signs only follow believers, not just pastors or church staffs.
We need to keep walking by faith. 
Mark 16:17

We are for signs and wonders.
To step out of supernatural is like fish out of water.
How can we step into the supernatural realm?
The revelation of the word of God.
It is the custodian of the supernatural.
Even the entire universe is framed by the word of God.

If we embrace the truth of God’s word, it will happen.

John 14:21
If we hold on and keep God’s word, Lord Jesus will show up in our situation.

John 2:1-5, 11
To obey the word of God is more powerful than fasting.
This is the principle of signs and wonders.

John 9:7
The blind obeyed and he was healed.

John 21:5-6
The disciples believed and acted.

Exodus 4:17
We don’t just wait for the promise, we lift up the rod to invoke the miracle.
Isaiah 11:1-2
The Rod is Lord Jesus. 
When we lift up the word of God, we will see signs.

You can buy his sermon here:

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Brotzeit 25, October, 2016


Had a great fellowship with friends last Tuesday.
Catching up about life and discussing what to do to solve life’s problems.
Shared this big plate of German food.
As expected, I was the one finishing it “-_-
Tasty dinner. Will visit Brotzeit again next time~~

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Smooth Words and Wicked Heart

Smooth words may hide a wicked heart, just as a pretty glaze covers a clay pot.
Proverb 26:23 (NLT)

We have heard this story before.
Businessman A offers a business deal to businessman B.
Using smooth words, A convinces B.
In the end, A runs away with B’s money.

Whenever we hear smooth words others speak to us, it is always safe to question the intention behind those words.
Are those words genuine or are they a trap?
It is not always easy to detect a wicked heart behind smooth words.
But at least, there are 2 ways we can employ to detect such evil intention.

1. Pray and discern

Remember the Gibeonites of Canaan?
They pretended to have come from a distant country.
With smooth words, they deceived Joshua, convincing him to make peace with them.
How was that possible?

"So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the LORD." (Joshua 9:14, NLT)

After discovering their deception, Joshua condemned them to be woodcutters and water carriers for the Israelites.

A lesson for us.
Always consult the LORD whenever we hear smooth words so we won’t be deceived.
If Joshua himself made that mistake, we are prone to the same mistake.

2. From the fruits.

Lord Jesus taught us how to identify false prophets.

"You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.
Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? (Matt 7:16, NLT)"

In the same way, we can identify a wicked heart behind smooth words by looking at the action of that person.
If the action betrays the smooth words, we should definitely refuse those smooth words.

Let us be wise in dealing with smooth words we hear, shall we?

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Escape Game Connexion 23, October, 2016


Played Escape Game with Connexion members last Sunday.
We were divided into 2 teams: team 1 and team 2.
As I thought, both teams could not escape ~~~
Never mind ~~ We just wanted to have fun.
Then, we continued with a dinner fellowship to get to know each other.

Stay tuned!
Something is brewing this coming Sunday in Connexion~~

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Jollibee + Starbucks 19, October, 2016

Had a great fellowship time with church friends!!
Great catch up as we talked about life.
One of us received the sudden blessing from God in the form of surprise sales.
I showed them the video of my exercise. Well, gotta show off a bit too! ~~~


Our awesome group!!!
Next outing: badminton!! Stay tuned!

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 15, October, 2016 The Last Supper

Luke 22:7-8
Lord Jesus started the ministry in Galilee. He had ministry for 3.5 years.
At the end, He went to Jerusalem to face crucifixion, death and resurrection.
Before crucifixion, Lord Jesus had the last supper. It is a Passover.
Passover was the celebration of the exodus of Israel from Egypt. 
The passover lamb was killed and the blood was painted on the door post. The Lord passed over the first born of Israelites.

Passsover must be killed.
That’s the prophecy of what will happen upon Lord Jesus.

Luke 22:14-16
The hour had come. The entire ministry of Lord Jesus was for the passover.
This moment was special for the disciples too.
Many times before, there were others beside them.
This time, there were only apostles and Lord Jesus. It was closed door event.

Luke 22:11, 14
Initially, they were called disciples/students/learners.
Later on, they were called apostles/messengers/representatives as they carried power and authority.

Something changed along the way. From disciples to apostles involves the Last Supper.
This could be their third and  last supper together.

Luke 22:15-16
Fervent desire. Like a man who cannot wait to die.
Sometimes in our lives, there is no transformation until we come to the Last Supper.

What happened at the last supper?

Luke 22:17-18
What is this cup? 
Luke 22:39-44
Cup of "not my will, but Yours be done."

Gal 2:20
I can no longer say whatever I want to say. 
I have to account every word I say to Lord Jesus.
We cannot behave whatever we want.

After the cup, He took the bread.
Luke 22:19-20
The bread has to do with His body.
His body is to be broken. He could not just enjoy the Mediterranian food.
Our body is for doing the will of God.
Just like Lord Jesus gave His body is the way we give our body for others.

Rm 12:1
The body is not  to impress others.
We surrender body as a living sacrifice.
It is a sacrifice, especially during the trial time.

It is not talent or skill.
When God speaks, are we ready to obey?
It is transition from disciple to apostle.

Luke 22:21
Lord Jesus did not identify the betrayer.
The discussion of betrayer escalated to become discussion of who the greatest was.

Luke 22:24-27
A betrayer. Someone who serves without purity.
Many people serve for recognition and leadership. 
Judas started pure but in the  end exchanged Lord Jesus for 30 silver.
Many times we start walking in the Lord with purity. However, as we mature in the Lord, do we still obey the Lord.

In the last supper, we learn to stay pure.
We serve simply because we love God and people, not because of recognition.
Luke 22:28-30
In times of trial, we must continue to serve.
Judging 12 tribes of Israel = if they persevered, they would receive power and authority to lead the church.

2 Cor 12:12

R.A. Torrey.
Absolute surrender. Fullness of power.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Beerus Destroying Zamasu OST

An awesome video clip from Dragon Ball Super!!!
The angry god of destruction ~~~

A cool act with a cool background soundtrack!!

Watch the original action here.

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Thinking Pure and Holy Things

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true,
whatever things are noble,
whatever things are just,
whatever things are pure,
whatever things are lovely,
whatever things are of good report,
if there is any virtue and
if there is anything praiseworthy—
meditate on these things.
Phil 4:8 (NKJV)

We need to feed our mind with pure input.
It is difficult to think of noble and holy things if our mind is fed by unholy stuffs.
For example, on the internet some people openly joke using vulgarity.
We need to intentionally move away from those people.

While we may not say vulgarity out loud, we may still say vulgarity in our mind.
Both are equally bad.
It is best not to say any vulgarity at all.
There are other words to express disappointment, after all.

Let’s keep our mind pure, shall we?

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Mount Bromo 8, October, 2016

Visited Mount Bromo with a group of friends 2 weeks ago.
Though it was 2 weeks ago, it seemed like last week ass we had so much fun there.
Nice scenery to capture on photo, while at the same time I sharpened the photography skill using only camera phone.


At the beginning of sunrise. The weather was chilling to the max.


After sun rise. The weather got warmer too.


Cooling mist. Healthier than haze which I sometimes breathe in ~~~


Farming life. A simple and healthy lifestyle.


If you notice, there is a small village at the base of the volcano.

Let’s see again if I can visit Mt. Bromo next year ~~~

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Seeking God First

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matt 6:33

God is the Creator of all.
Legally speaking, our life belongs to Him alone. Our life is never ours to begin with.
Hence, it is reasonable that in everything we do, we want to be pleasing unto Him.
It also makes sense that we always put Him first in everything we do.
How do we know we have put God first in our lives?
Probably the following acronym as taught by Canon J. John can help us answer that question.

F = Finance
Tithing teaches us to put God first. (Deut 14:23, TLB)

I  = Interest
Is our hobby pleasing the LORD?

R = Relationship
If we are not careful, we may subconsciously replace God with the desire to get married.

S = Schedule
Do we maintain regular quiet time in addition to attending church service and cell group meeting?

T = Trouble
Is prayer our first reaction in a difficult situation?

If we are faithful in these 5 areas, chances are God is indeed the first in our lives.

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