Pastor Kong’s Sermon 1, October, 2016 Secrets To Powerful Prayer

God is covenant keeping God.
Ps 89:34
Integrity of God ensures He keeps His covenant.

James 4:1-3
Why have we no breakthrough?
Because we do not pray or we pray but we ask amiss.
1 John 5:14-15
We must ask according to His will.
We already possess what He ask of Him as long as we ask according to His will.
If the term of God’s covenant is met, God will keep His covenant.

Some important keys to receive His answer.

1. We pray from the heart. 

1 Sam 16:17, Jer 29:13
God wants all our heart. Our reasoning is too small
Ps 73:25-26, 2 Chr 16:9

2.We pray according to God’s word. 

2 Tim 2:13
God cannot deny Himself.
Titus 1:2
God cannot even tell a white lie.
Isaiah 43:26
We bring to God our life crises.
In heaven’s court, we can quote precedence of what God did in the past.
Psalm 68:6
For example, if we want to get married, we can quote the verse. We then rest the case instead of whining before God.

Isaiah 41:21
What strong reason do we have? When we pray according to “It is written”

3.We pray with faith in the name

John 14:13-14
We ask in the name of Lord Jesus.
John 16:24
Acts 3:16
It is not just invoking the name. We need to utilize faith in Lord Jesus’ name.
Acts 3:6

We pray in the name of “Jesus Christ”.
Christ means the anointed One. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage.
When we praise Lord Jesus more and more, our praise gets more and more powerful.

4.We pray boldly 

We don’t pray as if we are beggars
Heb 4:16
Grace: God giving us good things we don’t deserve.
Mercy: God not giving us bad things we deserve.
Even if we mess up, we can still come to God and ask for miracles.

How can we be bold before Him?
Because of the righteousness we have in Christ.
Isaiah 54:17
It is not our righteousness. The nation of Israelites was in major backsliding.
Even when they were an unfaithful wife, God is still a faithful Husband.

When we are in crisis due to our sin, we can still come boldly to God for a miracle. Once things are settled, God will deal with us.

Proverb 28:1
We can approach the throne of God even if we mess up.

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