Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 15, October, 2016 The Last Supper

Luke 22:7-8
Lord Jesus started the ministry in Galilee. He had ministry for 3.5 years.
At the end, He went to Jerusalem to face crucifixion, death and resurrection.
Before crucifixion, Lord Jesus had the last supper. It is a Passover.
Passover was the celebration of the exodus of Israel from Egypt. 
The passover lamb was killed and the blood was painted on the door post. The Lord passed over the first born of Israelites.

Passsover must be killed.
That’s the prophecy of what will happen upon Lord Jesus.

Luke 22:14-16
The hour had come. The entire ministry of Lord Jesus was for the passover.
This moment was special for the disciples too.
Many times before, there were others beside them.
This time, there were only apostles and Lord Jesus. It was closed door event.

Luke 22:11, 14
Initially, they were called disciples/students/learners.
Later on, they were called apostles/messengers/representatives as they carried power and authority.

Something changed along the way. From disciples to apostles involves the Last Supper.
This could be their third and  last supper together.

Luke 22:15-16
Fervent desire. Like a man who cannot wait to die.
Sometimes in our lives, there is no transformation until we come to the Last Supper.

What happened at the last supper?

Luke 22:17-18
What is this cup? 
Luke 22:39-44
Cup of "not my will, but Yours be done."

Gal 2:20
I can no longer say whatever I want to say. 
I have to account every word I say to Lord Jesus.
We cannot behave whatever we want.

After the cup, He took the bread.
Luke 22:19-20
The bread has to do with His body.
His body is to be broken. He could not just enjoy the Mediterranian food.
Our body is for doing the will of God.
Just like Lord Jesus gave His body is the way we give our body for others.

Rm 12:1
The body is not  to impress others.
We surrender body as a living sacrifice.
It is a sacrifice, especially during the trial time.

It is not talent or skill.
When God speaks, are we ready to obey?
It is transition from disciple to apostle.

Luke 22:21
Lord Jesus did not identify the betrayer.
The discussion of betrayer escalated to become discussion of who the greatest was.

Luke 22:24-27
A betrayer. Someone who serves without purity.
Many people serve for recognition and leadership. 
Judas started pure but in the  end exchanged Lord Jesus for 30 silver.
Many times we start walking in the Lord with purity. However, as we mature in the Lord, do we still obey the Lord.

In the last supper, we learn to stay pure.
We serve simply because we love God and people, not because of recognition.
Luke 22:28-30
In times of trial, we must continue to serve.
Judging 12 tribes of Israel = if they persevered, they would receive power and authority to lead the church.

2 Cor 12:12

R.A. Torrey.
Absolute surrender. Fullness of power.

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