Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, October, 2016 Living in the Supernatural (2)

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of power.
Psalm 63:2
Power should be the way of life.
Glory should be what we see in the house of God.

We are comfortable in doing humanitarian work.
At the same time, we are comfortable in His power.
Psalm 145:10-12
The more we grow in Christ and Jesus, the more excited we are to move in supernatural realm.

Isaiah 9:6
A child becomes a power once he knows how to exercise his authority on behalf of His father

God reveals our life purpose.
We heal those who are sick.
We can cast out the demons.

1.Obedience of faith in the Word
The word of God puts us in the supernatural.
Heb 6:5
We need to taste the power of God.
Heb 5:8
Obedience requires humility.
Lord Jesus was sinless. Yet, He submitted Himself to the will of the Father.
Sonship: thinking about life assignment, doing the will of the Father.
Deut 28:1
Our destiny is not to struggle. Our destiny is to be above all nations of the earth.
When we obey completely, the blessings of God will flow.
Mark 10:17-22
This man loved money. He could  not obey God’s word.
Powers of the age to come. When we obey God, we will not abuse this power.

2.Perfect heart toward God
2 Chr 16:9
God will show Himself strong.
Rm 1:4
Perfect heart: purity. 100% consecration.
While fasting is good, obedience is the better way.
Luke 16:11, 13
Money is a good tool. At the same time, money can be abused.
Deut 8:18
We need power to heal the sick and power to get wealth.
We use money but we don’t worship/serve money.
God often measures our obedience in our faithfulness in finance.
John 10:17
We must lay down our lives.
Ecc 11:3
David gave and gave. Solomon gave and gave.
When we are faithful in our stewardship, the clouds will be full of rain and the blessing will come down.
Psalm 77:13-14
Why are we so excited about building of the house of God?
Because it will be the place to display His strength and wonders.

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