Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, November, 2016 Covenant of Blessing

Psa 25:14
God is the God of secrets.
The Holy Spirit helps us unwrap the mystery in God.
Part of the secret is for us to experience kingdom abundance.

2 Cor 8:1-3
The Macedonia Christians gave even beyond their ability.
We give way out of lack. It takes supernatural faith to give beyond our power.
2 Cor 9:8
We can have abundance for every good work that God places as vision and dream.
We will not be in struggling mode. We will be in surplus mode.
It takes kingdom abundance to help the poor.
God wants to explode His kingdom abundance in our lives so we can bless the poor.

Kingdom of abundance is based on His covenant.
Deut 8:18
God gives us power to get wealth so He can establish His agreement.
Covenant = agreement = a spiritual agreement initiated by God, built on well-defined terms and sealed by an oath.
God is eternally committed to His covenant.

Upon covenant we can come into His abundance.
Heb 6:13-18
Immutability = unchanging.
We can count on God.
A covenant is much stronger than a promise.
When it comes to power to get wealth, it is based on His covenant.

Prayer and fasting may not help to achieve financial provision.
However, we need to obey His covenant to receive the financial blessing.

Covenant of blessing.
What is the origin of this covenant?
Jer 33:20-21, 25-26
God’s covenant is as binding as days and nights.

First time the covenant appeared was in Gen 8:20-22 during Noah’s time.
Seedtime and harvest.
In the end times, there will be famine/modern recession in many places.
But, each one of us has a way of escape through the covenant of blessing.

Mal 4:1-2
In the end times, the wicked will burn up due to economic meltdown.
However, to the people of God, there is covenant of blessing that we experience plenty.

2 Cor 9:6-7
This is the term of covenant of blessing.
Sowing is equal to giving.
Money is like a seed.
When we plant our financial seed, His covenant of blessing is enforced.
If we give, we will receive.
Phil 4:14, 19
Sowing financial seed and receiving financial harvest.
Isaiah 51:2
We imitate Abraham.

Gen 14:18
Abraham was the first tither.
Proverb 11:24-25. Isaiah 51:2-3. Genesis 24:1
God’s covenant of blessing does not stop with us only, it continues to generations to come.
Psalm 112:1-2
Our children’s children will be blessed
Israel does not have much rain. Yet, it exports food.
Only tithers experience the covenant of blessing.
Fasting and prayer does not help in kingdom abundance.
Our giving is going to help us to receive anything from Him.
Giving is the anchor of the covenant.

What is the return of giving?

1.Release of divine favor
Ex 3:21, Luke 6:38, Ps.45:12
People will want to do business with us.

2.Release of divine ideas.
We receive vision and dream from the Holy Spirit.
God does not drop material blessing onto our lap.
Abraham had flashes of brilliance. He established ranches whereas others were nomadic.
Genesis 26:12-14
Isaac had idea of irrigation
Jacob had crude way of selective breeding.
Gen 30:43

2 Chr 26:3-5, 15
Uzziah had innovation and creative invention.

3.Release of divine blessing on the works of our hands.
Job 1:9-10
God blessed the works of Jacob
The blessing of God makes us rich.
Unless the Lord builds the house, we can do nothing.
Haggai 2:18-19
But  from this day, the Lord will bless us.

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