Heartfelt Counsel

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.
Proverb 27:9 (NLT)

It is to easy to give counsel to others as we have the general idea about life.
However, not all counsel are helpful.
The key is to give a heartfelt counsel.

We have read the life of Job. He suffered so much.
And yet, his friends gave him the wrong counsel: they accused Job of wrong doing and advised him to repent.
Job was upset and said, "No doubt you are the people  and wisdom will die with you!" (Job 12:2) and "Miserable comforters are you all!" (Job 16:2).

Truly, these statements are the last thing we want to hear when we counsel others.

A heartfelt counsel, as the name suggests, is the counsel that comes from the heart.
Can we symphatize with others’ feeling?
Can we put ourselves in others’ shoes to understand where they come from?
Certainly a heartfelt counsel does not come from a rigid theory or reasoning

In any case, if we cannot give heartfelt counsel it is better to stay quiet too, as Job said to his friends, "Oh, that you would be silent, and it would be your wisdom!" (Job 13:5).

Let us symphatize with others and give them a hearty counsel when they need.


Posted November 29, 2016 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Verse of the Day

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