Pastor Sun’s 4, December, 2016 Father, Reveal Who You Are

Some of us relate to God but not as Heavenly Father.
We prefer thinking of Him as the Almighty Creator, holy and majestic.
However, the correct view of God is that He is our Heavenly Father.

John 17:6
Lord Jesus came to reveal our Father.
In the Lord’s prayer, Lord Jesus taught us to pray, "Father, reveal who You are to us."

John 6:38
What is the relationship between Lord Jesus and the Father?
Lord Jesus constantly communed with the Father. 
Before He multiplied the loaves, He gave thanks to Father.
Before He resurrected Lazarus, He gave glory to the Father.
Lord Jesus had intimate and heart relationship with the Father.
We can have intimate relationship with the Father too.Jesus’ ultimate goal is to bring us to the Father.

John 14:6, 9
Thomas did not know the way. Lord Jesus answered: He is the way.
Philip asked Lord Jesus to show the Father.
However, Lord Jesus answered: how can you not know Me?
It is possible to be busy with Christianity that we do not know Lord Jesus.

Information knowledge vs personal revelation

We can know so much about God without having personal revelation with God.
However, we need to cross over to personal, private and intimate revelation to God.

The essence of Christianity is having first hand intimate personal revelation of God as our Heavenly Father.

Phil 3:10
Apostle Paul taught knowing comes before the power.
Christianity is not just giving back to society or making miracles. They are good.
But, we must not stop. Supernatural signs and wonders are by products of our relationship with the Father.

We must know and know of the Father without any shadow of doubt

Luke 15:11-13
The father gave in to the ridiculous demand of the younger son.
What did the father want? 
The father wanted a heart relationship with the son. When the father gave the money, he gave unconditional love.
God the Father wants our heart relationship with Him.

To be esteemed, considered dear, favorite and worthy of love.
Matt 3:17, Matt 4:1
The devil kept testing Him, "if You are the Son of God." However, the Father already declared, "You are My beloved Son"
If we remember that we are beloved children of God, we can win against any temptation.

God the Father wants us to know we are His beloved.
We need to meditate on this revelation and our lives will never be the same again.

Rm 8:37
We won’t be more than the conquerors unless we believe that we are His beloved. 
We need to have childlike and carefree faith when we come before God.

If we avoid heart relationship, we  will lose the life God has prepared for us.

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