Pastor Kong’s Sermon 10, December, 2016 Sustaining the Anointing

When we have found the power of God, we have found heaven’s treasure.

Sustaining the Anointing

The Bible uses wine to represent the anointing.
God even wants the anointing to outlive us.
2 Kings 13:21

When the anointing leaves, everything changes about the person: the words are dry, bad countenance, etc.
How do we sustain anointing throughout our lives?

Matt 25:8
Wisdom is not just having common sense.
It is about having heaven sense.

2.Scriptural Revelation
Without the word of God, the anointing will go stale.
Heb 6:5
The word of God and the power of God come together.

Everyone who is anointed should fellowship together to sustain the fire of anointing together.
Fellowship fans each other’s fire
Fire can be doused = don’t keep company with just anyone who will extinguish our faith.
We need to be careful with what we read or hear: we feed our faith by reading the word of God. We remove all materials or books that will quench our faith.
“Did God really say this and that?’ This is the devil’s strategy all the time.

3 John 2
If our spiritual being is not doing well, all external thing will fall apart.
Once we are comfortable with sin, we are on the way to losing the anointing.
Samson was a mighty judge. Yet, he could not control with sexual passion.
Judges 16:20
He did not realize the Lord had departed from him.
It is one thing to receive anointing, it is another thing to sustain the anointing.

We lose the anointing through.

1.Sexual lust.
Don’t overstep moral boundary.

2 Kings 5:20
For Gehazi, ministry was the chance to amass wealth.
Lord Jesus is not against we having money, He is against money having us.

3.Jealousy and anger
Evil twins. They go together.
Saul was jealous of David though David was loyal to Saul.
1 Sam 16:14, 1 Sam 18:10-12
One way to overcome jealousy and anger is through love and forgiveness.

Ps 51:10-11, 14
Guilt drains so much energy from us.
However, we are now the righteousness of God in Christ.
2 Cor 5:21
True we need to repent. However, we must not perpetually feel ashamed.

2 Tim 1:7
Anointing = the spirit of power.
We must live life free of fear.
Phil 1:28
Don’t be frightened by the devil.
Our kingdom is not of this world. Kingdom of this world is afraid of property market.
Our kingdom is the kingdom of heaven where the Lord is our Provider.

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