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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, November, 2016

Isa 8:18
Christians are for signs and wonders
Exo 4:17
Take the rod. With this rod, we display signs.
Gifts of working of miracles.
We invoke signs and wonders to come to pass.
The rod = Lord Jesus = the word of God.
When we engage the revelation on God’s word, miracle occurs.
It is living word of God.

Someone must rise up in faith and take responsibility for the situation.
Eph 1:3
God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.
We need to unlock the supernatural things from God.
One major key is to know our identity in the word.

Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our worth?
If we do not know who we are, the devil will tell us what we are not.
John 1:19-20
We do not need to pretend to be someone else. We must stay true to what God calls us to be.
John the Baptist knew exactly who he was
Where did he get the identity? From the Scripture.

Jer 29:11-14
The more we pray and study the Scripture, the more we understand the reality of God.
James 1:22-23, 25
God’s word is a spiritual mirror
A mirror reminds us what we look like, the adjustment we need to make
The word of God gives us the picture of who we are and liberates us.
If we adjust ourselves to the mirror of the word of God, blessing of God starts to flow.

We are spiritual being, living in human flesh.
We must see supernatural side in us. 
John 3:6
The spiritual realm. We must be comfortable in expecting signs and wonders.
The moment we believe in Jesus, a slice of divinity is transferred into personality.

Rm 5:1,17
Justified = declared righteous.
Peace = to be secure in the midst of turmoil = wholeness, nothing missing or broken.

When we accept the gift of righteousness, we will reign in life.

Isa 54:17
When we mess up, the devil will condemn us.
However, it does not change the fact we are children of God.
Our righteousness is from God.

Rm 10:6
The righteousness of faith speaks.
Our mouth is the way out of wilderness

We are redeemed as lions to prevail.
Rev 5:5
Lord Jesus was crucified as a Sheep, but He rose again as a Lion.
Just as He is, so are we.

Pro 30:30
A lion does not retreat, fearless.
Every child of God is redeemed to be powerful.

Phil 1:28
We must not be terrified by the devil.
We must stand our ground in righteousness.
A lion defines his territory. We tell the devil this body belongs to the Holy Spirit, sickness must not come.

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