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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, July, 2016 The Second Generation Syndrome

God is transgenerational God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

One of the challenges of revival is second generation syndrome.
It is difficult is to pass the passion to the next generation.

1st generation  : holy, zealous, growth
2nd generation : religious, less zealous
3rd generation  : godless, decline

Abraham was very spiritual.
Isaac enjoyed the blessing, but less spiritual.
Esau had zero spiritual hunger.

Judges 2:7, 10
First generation: Joshua’s generation who depended on God’s protection.
Second generation: the elders who saw the works of the LORD.
Third generation: lived in the promised Land but never experienced divine encounter with God.

The third generation became apathetic, complacent.
This pattern is repeated times and again even in modern church.

In modern times, a group of young people want to start a new church.
They have to solve financial difficulty and endure persecution.
The second generation seeks approval from others. They may not be that passionate.
Worship becomes performance instead of devotion.
The third generation does not understand

The book of Hebrews was written to the second generation of Christian in Jerusalem.
The first generation was founded by Apostle Peter and others.
The book of Hebrews was written 30 years after the founding of the first generation.
By this time, Apostle Peter had died.

Heb 6:19
Every generation is coming closer and closer to the second coming of Christ.
With the second coming of Christ in mind, there were suggestions to the second generation.
1. Drifting Heb 2:1 
We should never drift away from the word of God.
2. Drawing back Heb 10:38
We should not cut back in our zeal to win the lost and to build the church.
3. Carried away Heb 13:9
We should be careful with false teaching. Just because others are doing it, we should not do it if it contradicts the Bible.

This world is not won just by humanitarian work or kind heart or nice personality.
The world is only won by faith.

Isaiah 8:18
We are for signs and wonders.
We should be used for the supernatural. We should be living and breathing the power of God.

Rm 8:19
Sons = someone mature and capable to exercise power and authority of father’s estate.
The world is waiting for Christians to rise up to exercise the power of God.
Rm 8:21
Children = someone who still needs ministry, nurture, care and help to experience total freedom of God.

Can we become the producers of revival even if the first generation is no longer around?

We must decide not just to be thermometer, reflecting the temperature of the surrounding.
We must be the thermostat, creating the temperature of zeal and passion.

The condition of revival = consecration.
Joshua 3:5
There will be signs and wonders following consecration

Genesis 32:24-25, 26
Even if we are alone, we will still follow God.
Wrestled with God = clinging to God
Let God defeat us = whatever we build our lives on (talent, etc), we must let it go.
Jacob was audacious asking God to bless him.

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