Pastor Kong’s Sermon 31, December, 2016

Full of expectation for 2017.
Something good is gonna happen in all our pursuits.
We are not a failure. 
God did not create us to suddenly abandon us.

We are children of destiny.
God has predestined us to be justified and glorified.
We are going from glory to glory.
We are not called to live a life of humiliation or disgrace.
We need to have heavenly vision.

What is vision?
The unfolding of God’s divine plan and purpose for us.
Proverb 29:18
Perish = stripped of honor and dignity.

We need vision to recover the honor and dignity we have lost.
The devil may have stolen from us.
Proverb 6:31
However, God will make the  devil pay us back sevenfold.
Let’s believe our saving, reputation, marriage will be restored.

Acts 2:17
Vision and dream are powerful. They turn into faith. They can inspire and propel faith.
By faith, God’s move on our behalf.
A dream has to with our thought. When we dream, there is no limit and nothing is impossible.

Proverb 23:7
It is thinking in heart. 
Rm 12:2
Our spirit has no issue accepting God’s promise.
Our mind does, though.
Our mind must then be renewed by the word of God.
When our spirit and our mind are in sync, they work together for our future.
Ps 37:4
As long as our desire is the same as God’s desire, God will give it.
Let’s open up our heart to Abba Father.

Dream given by God has no expiry date.
God does not give dream and then walk away.

If we can believe, all things are possible for those who believe.
What are we believing God for?

A vision has to do with imagination.
Our imagination is the strongest weapon in our arsenal.

Genesis 11:1-6
My imagination is never held back from me.
If we dare to imagine  God will bring the provision.

Eph 3:20
God will do more than what we imagine.
God will exceed our imagination.
Can we imagine our promotion or kids?
We meditate in the promise of God. We imagine ourselves in the will of God.

Isaiah 46:9-10
God imagines the end right from the very beginning.
We join God in imagining.

John 5:17
God is always working. 
Every accomplishment is the result to commitment.
We must work hard. We work with God, not apart from God.
If we work apart from God, it will be toil.
Working: say whatever God says, do whatever God does.

Leave the past to the past.
Phil 3:13
We forget all the failures. 
When we repent, God forgets. 
If we keep thinking of what happened, nothing will happen.
Let go and let God.

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