Pastor Kong’s Sermon 14, January, 2017 The Eagle Christians

The Lion and The Eagle

Lord Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah.
God delivered the Israelites on eagle’s wings.

What is so special about lions or eagles?
The lion is the symbol of boldness.
Though lion is not the strongest beast, he thinks he is the strongest of all.
And that’s the point.
When lion sees an elephant, he is not afraid of the giant. He sees dinner.

We must have the same thought like lions.

While lion is the king of jungle, eagle is the king of the heavens.
3 characteristics of eagles.

1.The eagle has matchless vision.
It has 4-8 time better eyesight than humans.
If we have no vision for  the future, we will perish. Without vision, we will be powerless.
Eagle has 2 sets of eyes.
When the dust damages the outer eyes, the inner eyes kick in.
2 Cor 4:16-17
We have 2 sets of eyes. Outward man/eyes and inward man/eyes.
Our suffering is temporary.
We must not lose focus.

2.The eagle soars in the storm.
It soars majestically in the storm.
Isaiah 40:29-31
God gives supernatural strength to us.
We must not rely on natural strength.
Most other birds hide in the nest.
The eagle flies to the storm and uses the wind to lift himself up. He actually glides and rests, he doesn’t flap his wings.
The eagle challenges the storm.
We too must rise above storm.
This is how God wants us to live our lives.
We possess our destiny by resting in His promise.
The Holy Spirit will give us strength to soar even higher.
The nature of life: we go through storm after storm.
The storm is meant to carry us up.
Every affliction is for our advantage to draw closer to God.
Gen 50:20
When we are filled with  the Holy Spieit, we will just face the problem head on with a smile
When the eagle flies higher, he can see broader.
God wants us to fly higher so we can see clearer.
If we want to be successful, we need to push our limit.
It does not mean we don’t work. We work hard but we don’t overwork.

3.The eagle looks up to  the sun
Proverb 23:5
He flies toward  the heaven.
The brightness of the sun does not blind the eagle as eagle has 2 sets of eyes.
Psalm 84:11
Our help does not come by looking under or to the side.
Psalm 112:1-2
Our help comes when we look up.
Col 3:2
When we face problem, we often seek help from counsellors. However, we must look up and seek help from God.
We see things from God’s perspective.
The eagle always eats fresh flesh.
We must always desire fresh anointing from God’s word.
Vulture is the enemy of the eagle. Vulture catches an eagle and brings it to the ground. That’s the only way vulture defeats the eagle: on the ground
Similarly, if the devil can make us stay down, that is how we are defeated.

Deut 26:19
We will have dignity of an eagle.
People will highly honor us.

Let’s soar higher. Let us not be earthly bound.
We must seee things other people cannot see.
We must have faith we receive the unbelievable blessing.
Our affection must be set on things above

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