Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 21, January, 2017

Proverb 4:23
How is our life going to be like? It depends on our heart.
All of life issues spring out of the heart.
If we want a change, we should change the belief system in our heart.

Proverb 29:18
If we can’t see what God is doing, we will stumble.
How do we see what God is doing? We have to do Bible study.
Belief system -> worldview -> behavior

What has God revealed to us?
Genesis 1:1-3
In the beginning. Before there was animal or human, God exists.
The material was subordinate to the immaterial.
The visible world was subject to the invisible world.
In 2017, our world can change because He is the Creator. He creates out of nothing.

We are trained to analyze the natural.
Often we forget the supernatural.
Even when the earth was without form, the Spirit was hovering. Can we see what God is doing?
Psalm 33:6,9
By the word of the Lord. It was by His idea, not by human opinion.
It is not what the economists say.

Genesis 18:13-14
Is there anything too hard for the LORD?
When God says yes, it means yes.

Jer 32:17, 27
There is nothing too hard for the LORD.
God can change human heart.

Belief in God the Creator is essential.
He is our Source in overcoming adversity in life.
Exodus 20:9-11
He instituted Sabbath for us to remember that He is the Creator.
Sometimes when we labor, distraction comes. It draws limitation in our heart.
So, once a week, He commanded us to look vertically instead of horizontally.

How do we navigate through the wilderness? We read the book of Numbers.
Numbers 13:30-33
Caleb is confident. Nothing is too hard the Lord
The 10 spies said we are not able. 
As a result of their unbelief, the entire generation died after 40 years of wandering.
How did 10 spies draw their conclusion?
Their problem was a sight problem. Their heart was full of unbelief. Hence, it affected their vision. Then, they gave discouraging report.

Joshua 14:7-10
Caleb saw the giants, similar to the 10 spies.
Nevertheless, he gave encouraging report based on their hearts
Caleb was not moved by what he saw. He was moved by the promise of God.
Caleb held on one word of the Lord for 45 years.

Luke 8:23-25
The storm was real. They were about to die.
Lord Jesus did not deny the danger. It was real danger.
Nevertheless, He demonstrated that He is the Creator.
He is not far away distant God. He lives among us.

Luke 5:15-16
It was a time of great revival. However, Lord Jesus took time off and withdrew Himself to spend  time with the Heavenly Father.
In the midst of all the success, we must go back to Him as He is the Source.

Luke 22:41-43
It was a time of great agony.
Lord Jesus invoked the supernatural.

In the midst of suffering, Job mentioned.
Job 14:7-9
Even when tree is cut down, the stump can grow forth again as long as there is water.

Human is like a tree.
Storm cuts down us to a stump.
All we need is water then we can grow again.
John 7:37-38
Water is the picture of the Holy Spirit.
This is the same as the creation.
With the Holy Spirit, we can regenerate.


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