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Stubbornness and Sudden Destruction

He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy
Proverb 29:1

Let’s just face it.
No one likes to be rebuked. It is bitter, tough to swallow.
Our natural tendency is to be defensive, to show we are right and the critics are wrong.

Receiving one time rebuke is one thing. However, receiving frequent rebuke is another thing.
Suppose 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th person, etc gives us similar rebuke, perhaps we should give attention.
Could it be that we need to address this blind spot?

Certainly it pays to do self reflection and change certain character or personality trait we need to change.

Here is the warning.
Our stubbornness and rejection to all this frequent rebuke will lead to destruction.
Not just any destruction, it is a sudden destruction and without remedy.

Let us take heed of this warning and think through the frequent rebuke we may have received in the past.

Posted February 14, 2017 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Verse of the Day