Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, February, 2017

Mark 11:22
Faith Is important.
Heb 11:6
Faith pleases Him. God is a Rewarder.
When God rewards us, we will know it.
Faith pleases God because we believe in His integrity.

When we go through difficult circumstance, do we still say: God, I still believe in You?

The Bible talks about the fight of faith.
It is the fight to enter into His rest.
Mark 11:23
Problem is like a mountain because it is big.
The size is intimidating.
Our goal is to cast the mountain into the sea
The mountain will only move  when we believe in God and when we speak over it.

Faith: believing and speaking.
Mark 11:23
Three times saying, one time believing.
For every one time believing in God we do, we must speak 3 times as much.
The mountain will move as if it had not even been there to begin there.

Matt 12:33-35
We live inside out.
Our life on the inside determines our life behavior.
Words are like seeds. Heart is like repository of words.
We must be careful what we deposit into our heart as it will form our belief or unbelief system.

If things around us are in a mess, we must check what words we allow into our heart.

Matt 12:37
Words may give us victory or put us in bondage.
The key is our mouth.

Proverb 18:21
Death and life is not in the power of economy or friends or upbringing or the devil.
Instead, it is in the power of tongue.

Psalm 39:1
The wicked: the devil.
They are waiting until we speak negative thing.
His job is to make us flippant with our words.

We need to revalue our words.
We must be careful with our words.
Even when we joke, we don’t want  to confuse our spirit.

The more we speak, the more we believe
The more we believe, the more we speak.

Mark 5:23-41
Jairus made bold confession that the daughter would live.
The woman with the issue of blood confessed too that if she could touch Lord Jesus, she would recover too.
The runner gave bad news but Lord Jesus told Jairus to hold fast to his last confession.
Don’t say anything that will cancel our months of positive confession.
Lord Jesus told Jairus to just believe.

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