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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, March 2017 The Kingdom of God Part 2

Genesis 1:26
Image: external physical form.
Likeness: similar inner nature.
Dominion: kingly ruler over territory.

We need to see ourselves as kings.
Let them have dominion = we represent the government of God.

Ps 24:1
We are rulers, not owners.

God gave human dominion over the earth, but not over each other.
Matt 20:25-26
It is ok to aspire greatness. However, we must serve others.
We are not to lord over each other.

Kingdom of God is the kingdom of kings who serve.
God is our Heavenly Father.
That makes us prince and princess.

John 1:12
All of us are royalties.

Rm 5:17
Reign in life: reign as kings in life.

Matt 5:5
The promise is to inherit the earth.
Psalm 115:16
God has given the earth to mankind.

Rev 19:16
King of kings. He is our King. Hence, we are kings under God.
We are kings who serve with dignity. We are not servile.

The devil attacks us in our self image.
We are kingly.

God gives us the power of attorney to act on His behalf.
Lease agreement God gave to Adam.
When Adam sinned, he gave it the devil.
God did not prevent fall because He was faithful to His word of giving dominion to mankind.
Luke 4:5-6
The devil had the lease agreement.

God legally moves on earth when we pray. Through prayer, we give God permission to move.
Matt 18:18-19
He can only release on earth what we allow.

How then should we live or function?

Mark 1:15
The kingdom of God has arrived.
Repentance = total change of thinking resulting in total change of action.

We must not become ignorant kings = not knowing of what the Bible says.
We are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve did not need to worry about food.
But now, people act based in fear of lack of food, water, clothing and housing.

The kingdom of God is the total opposite.
Matt 6:24-25, 30-32
Mammon: demonic spirit of materialism.
Mammon makes us worry about life, food, drink and clothing.
We must not worry. Our Heavenly Father knows we need all these things.
Matt 6:33
Divine priority.
We must seek fervently His authority.
Seeking Him first and only.

Because thr kingdom of God is so vast, it will fill us to the full capacity.
In all the goal and ambition, is it in line with what God says?
We must repent from the thinking of worrying.

We don’t work or worry for these things.
We work with the right motivation.

Luke 9:57-58
Sometimes, when we follow God, the cost is great that we lose home
Luke 9:59
When we follow the King, He will take care of our family.
Luke 9:61-62
This man’s heart was divided.

If He is Lord, then it is always yes. It is never a “but”.

Luke 18:18
This young ruler was rich and smart, too focused on success and wealth.
God is the King. He has the right to take anything from us.
Even if we let it go, God will take care of us.
This ruler was unwilling to part with his wealth.

Luke 18:24-25
Not all of the disciples His were poor. Hence, they were scared.

Luke 18:29-30
Nothing we give up for the kingdom of God is lost.
If we give up the priority of materials and put God first, we will receive many more from Him.

His rule, His realm and His word.
If we live for the King, we will not lose out

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Just Acia Dinner 27, March, 2017


Awesome gathering with the awesome church friends!!!
Had dinner with them last Monday at Just Acia Dhoby Ghaut ~~~
Talked about life, relationship, School of Theology and the recent happening in church.
And we ended with sharing our recent revelation of the Bible!! My favorite topic!!

Will definitely arrange another meet up with them again.
Hopefully next month ^_____^

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Divine Priority

So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
Matt 6:31-33 (NLT)

What do we usually need
Physical health?
Financial blessing?
Or, others?

There is nothing wrong to think about these needs.
However, as the verse shows, we must not let these needs dominate our thought.
Instead, we must make the kingdom of God (His law, His grace, His presence, His promise and His rulership) our dominating thought

So, what is our dominating thought these days?

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Divine Priority


The 4th DNA of City Harvest Church has been revealed.
Divine Priority.
Putting the kingdom of God as the first and only choice.

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Being With God

He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons. 
Mark 3:14-15 

Notice here.
Before the apostles went out to preach and to cast out demons, they first had to be with Lord Jesus.
In the natural, they received discipleship and practical training from Him.
In the supernatural, they received empowerment from Him.

The same principle applies to us.
Before we go out and minister, share the Gospel and do other mighty works for the kingdom of God, our first calling is to be with Lord Jesus.

As the branch receives nutrient from the vine, we too must receive spiritual nourishment as commune with Him daily.

May we never neglect our daily fellowship with God!

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If Only It Lasted Forever


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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 18, March, 2017

Matt 4:18-20
Lord Jesus gave them same calling but higher purpose.
Many know their calling. However, there must be higher purpose attached to it. Otherwise, the calling is only for self gratification.

Calling is always associated with passion.
Passion needs a purpose to put it into the right place to achieve maximum result.
Passion is not the same as feeling.
Passion without purpose is not sustainable.

No one loses passion.
However, we often misplace our passion on something else or somewhere else.

The tale of 2 dancers

Mark 6:16-28
Talent can bring to the place of influence but it is the purpose in us that will direct that influence.
Salome danced well. She gained influence.
However, her mom used her influence for evil purpose: the head of John the Baptist.
Calling must be accompanied with purpose.
Without purpose, someone else will use us for their selfish purpose.

Esther was smart, beautiful and able to dance well.
She obtained influence through winning beauty pageant.
Esther 4:13-16
Mordechai told Esther her purpose: to deliver the Jews from the evil plot of Haman.
Esther 5:1-3, 7:1-6
Esther captivated the king’s attention. She requested her people to be rescued. This is her purpose.

We are called City Harvest.
We are to win souls around us.

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5th Connexion Q&A 19, March, 2017


Our most popular Connexion outing… Q&A!!!
The fifth time we did it since the last year.
Many things we have learned in this Q&A from the word of God and from psychology!!

How should the guy initiate conversation with a lady?
What is the suitable dress code in a date?
How does personality profiling influence in choosing a partner?
Why are pornography and premarital sex bad?
Should we come up with a criteria for a life partner?
etc etc

With the lovely Connexion guild members, of course ~~~

Do look forward to our next event, ok? ^_____^

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In Your Belief–Asura’s Wrath

Superb game! Awesome voice!
An example of a father who went all his way to rescue his daughter.
How much more our Heavenly Father will rescue us when we are in difficulty!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, March, 2017 The Kingdom of God (Part 1)

The secret of success is to know what God is doing and to do it together with Him.

Mark 16:20
How to see signs? When we preach the Gospel.
The message of the cross is the entry to the entire Gospel.

The kingdom of God.
The king and his domain. It is the realm where the king rules and reigns.
Lord = someone with ownership or property rights.
Rev 19:16
As King, Jesus rules over us. As Lord, He owns us.

Isaiah 9:6-7
Matt 4:17
The kingdom of God has arrived.
Luke 4:43
What is the purpose of Lord Jesus? To preach  and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Acts 1:3
40 days after His resurrection, Lord Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God.
Our entire life depends on it.
If our lives have nothing to do with the kingdom of God, we have no destiny.

Without the kingdom of God, the body of Christ is just religious and death.
When the kingdom of God comes, sin-sickness-satan has to go.

1 Cor 4:20
Kingdom of God is in power.
Matt 12:28

The final clash in the world is not mere logical argument.
It is the clash of God’s power vs devil’s power.

We can’t expect healing to be permanent if we do not submit to the kingship of Jesus.

Ecc 8:4
There is power in the word of the king.

Matt 4:17
Mission statement of Jesus
Luke 4:18-19
Vision statement of Jesus
What good news can we preach to the poor? That they will not be poor forever.

Commonwealth of heaven
We have share in the wealth of heaven.
Matt 6:31-33
When we are under the rule of the King, He will provide.
King Jesus is a generous God.

Matt 6:9-10
Priority number 1: the coming of the kingdom of God.
We will rule with king Jesus here on earth.

Matt 10:7:8
Freely we receive the power of the king, freely we give.
Mark 6:12-13
They used anointing oil on the sick.

Matt 24:14
The kingdom of God must be demonstrated.
Luke 17:20-21
The kingdom of God is in us and among us.
It starts with us.

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