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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, March, 2017 The Kingdom of God (Part 1)

The secret of success is to know what God is doing and to do it together with Him.

Mark 16:20
How to see signs? When we preach the Gospel.
The message of the cross is the entry to the entire Gospel.

The kingdom of God.
The king and his domain. It is the realm where the king rules and reigns.
Lord = someone with ownership or property rights.
Rev 19:16
As King, Jesus rules over us. As Lord, He owns us.

Isaiah 9:6-7
Matt 4:17
The kingdom of God has arrived.
Luke 4:43
What is the purpose of Lord Jesus? To preach  and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Acts 1:3
40 days after His resurrection, Lord Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God.
Our entire life depends on it.
If our lives have nothing to do with the kingdom of God, we have no destiny.

Without the kingdom of God, the body of Christ is just religious and death.
When the kingdom of God comes, sin-sickness-satan has to go.

1 Cor 4:20
Kingdom of God is in power.
Matt 12:28

The final clash in the world is not mere logical argument.
It is the clash of God’s power vs devil’s power.

We can’t expect healing to be permanent if we do not submit to the kingship of Jesus.

Ecc 8:4
There is power in the word of the king.

Matt 4:17
Mission statement of Jesus
Luke 4:18-19
Vision statement of Jesus
What good news can we preach to the poor? That they will not be poor forever.

Commonwealth of heaven
We have share in the wealth of heaven.
Matt 6:31-33
When we are under the rule of the King, He will provide.
King Jesus is a generous God.

Matt 6:9-10
Priority number 1: the coming of the kingdom of God.
We will rule with king Jesus here on earth.

Matt 10:7:8
Freely we receive the power of the king, freely we give.
Mark 6:12-13
They used anointing oil on the sick.

Matt 24:14
The kingdom of God must be demonstrated.
Luke 17:20-21
The kingdom of God is in us and among us.
It starts with us.

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