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Dinner 11, March, 2017


Had dinner at Hai Di Lao with a group of Indonesian friends!!
Nice hot pot and the soup was really spicy. I think they added much pepper.
Awesome catch up about life as we discussed business idea.

Hope I can meet them again in near future ~~~

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Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour Final Round XX

Awesome videos of Street Fighter V!!!!
Full of adrenaline pump here and there.
Check them out!!

That number 1 moment was the best indeed!!

Man! Ibuki is gonna popular soon!
Congratulations to Xian for winning the tournament!!!

Wah, now Mika is stronger than Guile!!

And, that’s how you beat Zangief in a throwing game.

Enjoy the videos!!

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Dinner Connexion 13, March, 2017


Regular dinner outing with the amazing Connexion guild members!!!
Once again we had it at Shinagawa Ramen Tanjong Pagar. Great discount, that’s why :p
Talked about overseas trip, work and our recent Bible revelation during quiet time.

Stay tuned for more awesome event from the guild!
PS: Something incredible will happen this weekend ~~~~

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Warcraft Videos!!

Woohoo! Update on the story of warcraft!

Must choose a successor wisely

The tragedy when one sells his soul for power.

Even an enemy can become an ally.

A father avenging his son..

Finally! The villain has been slain!!

The compilation of amazing videos!!

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Words of Mouth and Meditation of the Heart

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. 
Psalm 19:14 

Many times we are skilled to speak politically correct words.
Our heart feels one thing, yet we speak of completely opposite feeling.

But really, how long can we maintain such skill before our mouth reveals our heart?
After all, it is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45)
If our heart is defiled, it is just a matter of time before we speak defile things. 
Hence, the question comes: what do we meditate upon? Does it please the LORD?

Our sinful nature tends to project negative thought upon us.
We then have the choice to reject it immediately or to meditate upon it.

Some examples of meditation which displeases the LORD:

Unbelief offends God’s power. 
The following quote from Charles Spurgeon describes unbelief really well:

Think it not a light matter to doubt Jehovah.  
Remember, it is a sin; and not a little sin either, but in the highest degree criminal.  
The angels never doubted him, nor the devils either:  
we alone, out of all the beings that God has fashioned, dishonour Him by unbelief, and tarnish His honour by mistrust.  
Shame upon us for this! 

Immorality insults God’s sacrifice.
Lord Jesus purchased us with His blood that we may become holy people unto Him. Certainly we must not trample His sacrifice by even meditating immoral thought.

It belittles God’s forgiveness
We are not perfect and there are times we hurt each other.
Nevertheless, we must not meditate on this hurt.
We simply should forgive and let go.
If God can forgive, who are we if we are not able to forgive?
Truly, unforgiveness means we think we are bigger than God.

Instead, what should we meditate upon? 
Pure, noble, holy, just, lovely and good report (Phil 4:8) such as the word of God (Psalm 1:2)

Let us always be very careful with our meditation.

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Birthday Dinner 5, March, 2017


Homemade birthday cake by my godmommy last Sunday!!
Super yummy! With healthy berries on it too!!

Happiest birthday to my goddaddy!! ^_____^

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A Life Pleasing Unto God

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
Point out anything in me that offends You,
and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
Psalm 139:23-24 (NLT)

Many times we come before God with the following request:
-Financial blessing
-Physical blessing
-Salvation for our family members and friends
-Blessing for our government and spiritual leaders.
Certainly they are all awesome, marvelous prayers.

Here is an idea of an additional prayer request.
We can come before God with the following petition as the psalmist said:
Point out in me anything that offends You.

Let us renew the desire to live a life pleasing unto Him.
Let us remember that we are royal priesthood and we are to walk blameless before God.
Hence, let us invite God to correct us day by day that we become more and more like Christ.

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How to Confess Love UQ Holder!

Uq holder Kirie's confession (1)

Uq holder Kirie's confession (2)

Uq holder Kirie's confession (3)

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, February, 2017 The Power of Confession Part 2

Genesis 1:1-4,6
Heb 11:3
The words set the structure of the universe.
Universe = Uni + Verse = One poetic word

Genesis 1:26
Dominion = right to command.
Adam had the authority which he released through his command.

Genesis 2:7
Living soul = speaking spirit
We have the right to speak out God’s decree.

Our calling is to be God’s custodians of words and power.

Matt 12:37
Proverb 18:21
No one can stop our destiny except us ourselves.
Death and life are in the power of tongue, not economy.
Instead of speaking death, we must speak of life.

The devil tries to convince us that our words do not affect us.
Hence, we often become flippant with our words.

Proverb 6:2
You may be limited or trapped by the words of our mouth,
We are the sum total of the words we say day in and day out.

Genesis 4:11-15
God punished Cain that he would be fugitive.
Yet, Cain confessed that he would be killed.
Eventually, Lamech killed Cain.

Genesis 31:32
Jacob did not Rachel had stolen the idol.
Jacob confessed that thief would die.
Rachel did die at the age of 39.

Genesis 37:32-33
Jacob thought he would die.
In the end, he aged faster.

We must not say things God has not spoken in His word.
Our words must have value.
Even when we want to be honest, we have to find other ways to say it.

The Bible is the most important book.

Proverb 30:32
Devised evil = Bad thought.
Immediately we have to stop our words.

Speech center of the brain exercises dominion to the entire body.
Our words of powerful.

Mark 11:22-23
There is no mention of God in this verse.
We can receive the impossible through our belief and words.
We must not doubt.

Luke 16:16-17
Tittle = smallest text in the Hebrew.
This book cannot fail. If it does, the whole universe will disappear.

We can trust God with our health, money, future.

Rm 4:19-21
Abraham did not consider his own body and the deadnesss of Sarah;s womb.
He kept confessing the promise of God.
If God can perform it fpr Abraham, God will perform for us too.

2 Kings 4:18-26
Just because the promise came to pass, the devil was not gonna sit idly.
Why would God bring forth miracle child and let him die?
The boy was Habakkuk.
She said, “It is well.”
She did not let her husband destroy her faith.
We must not go around and tell people our dreams as there are dream destroyers.
She even refused to say negative things in front of Gehazi.

2 Kings 4:27
Consider the word of God.
Cancel all the negative word in the name of Jesus.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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How to Know a Person

There are three ways of knowing people, a rabbi in the Talmud says:

In their cup
With their cash
In their wrath

How true it is that

ill behavior at the table discloses bad culture

ill conduct in business reveals the unscrupulous

ill speaking in wrath proclaims the ignoble.

What the Bible is All About, page 77
Dr. Henrietta C. Mears

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