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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 8, April 2017 God Is With You

Psalm 42:1
When do we pant for God?
It is as if God drawing us and us wanting Him.

The secret to prayer is simply connecting to the Person of God.

The actual panting for God is to enjoy communion with God.

Psalm 42:2
There are hindrances when we seek God.
Do we block God when God touches us in certain area?
For example, when God speaks about pain in following Him, do we block Him?

Where is God in the midst of pain or fire?
God dwells not just in heaven, but also He dwells in furnace
He is Immanuel, God with us.

Why does God keep saying I am with you?
Because it is easy to forget that He is not with us, especially when we are in pain.

Psalm 42:4
David likes the idea of praising God in the midst of trial.
Praising God helps us remember God.

Psalm 42:5
If things are gonna be alright later, it is alright now in the midst of distress.

When we are stressed, we must remember God.

Deep calls unto deep
From the depth of our heart, it touches the heart of God

We can be very honest to God "God, why are You not doing something?"
"Why did I end up in this situation?"
We may not get logical answer for question like this.
The answer is worship

Hope is an anchor which must be embedded in something solid: the Rock of Christ.

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