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Just another sharing from the book What The Bible is All About.

The overview of 4 Gospels:

Matthew wrote the Gospel to the Jews who understood the Old Testament.
He showed that Lord Jesus is the King, the long awaited Messiah.
Compared to other Gospel writers, Matthew quoted a lot more prophecies from the Old Testament.
Lord Jesus is the King not by popular ballot but by birth.
Hence, Matthew traced His genealogy back to David: Lord Jesus is David’s descendant and He has the right to claim the throne.
In Matthew, we see a balance between Lord Jesus’ teaching and action as the King.

Mark wrote the Gospel to the Romans.
Romans were busy business people who emphasized action more than words.
To them, Mark pictured Lord Jesus as the Servant.
Mark omitted His genealogy because, after all, no one is interested with the genealogy of a servant.
Mark did not quote extensively from the Old Testament as Romans did not have background of the Scripture.
Mark wrote about the action of Lord Jesus much more than His words.
In Mark, He is the busy Servant, doing miracles after miracles and serving the community.

Luke wrote the Gospel to the Greeks who were immersed in poetry and art.
Hence, in the beginning of the book of Luke, we read songs of Zechariah, of Mary and of the angels.
Luke pictured Lord Jesus as the Son of Man
Hence, Luke traced His genealogy back to Adam to show forth His humanity.
Only in Luke we have a glimpse of His childhood.
As 100% human, He sympathizes with human plight. The keyword of His ministry is compassion.
Luke is the Gospel for the outcast of the earth.
In it, we find the story of the good Samaritan, the publican, the prodigal son, Zaccheus and the thief on the cross

John wrote this Gospel to the general public.
During his time, many denied Jesus’ deity.
John countered this framework by showing that He is God in human flesh.
This claim is supported by 7 witnesses and 7 miracles.
John omitted Lord Jesus’ genealogy as God has no human genealogy.
Instead, John wrote, "In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God."
In fact, it is His claim to be equal with God which infuriated the Jews, hence they accused Him of blasphemy and demanded His crucifixion.


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