Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 22, April, 2017 The Road to Emmaus


Luke 24:13
That same day: the first of day of the week (v.1)
It is the resurrection Sunday.
Day 1. The beginning of the story of creation.
Day 1. The beginning of the new week, beginning of new creation on the resurrection day.
Where can we find Lord Jesus? It is through the story of the road of Emmaus.

Luke 24:13-16
The two disciples were probably 2 out of 70 disciples.
They were people commissioned to do miracle and preach the kingdom of God.
However, they gave up after crucifixion.
They left Jerusalem, the presence of God
Whenever we are discouraged, we will not move far until Lord Jesus visits us.

Luke 24:16
They did not recognize Lord Jesus.
The problem was with their eyes.
Know = knowing a person, having personal relation with a person.
The disciples did not have personal relationship with Lord Jesus. Hence, they did not recognize Him.
Why were their eyes restrained?

Luke 24:17-26
The disciples expected Lord Jesus to sit on the throne. However, they were disappointed when they saw Him dead. In fact, His body was missing.
In Christ, death is just transition. It is not final or fatal. There is resurrection after death.
When we experience death, we should not give up. Eventually we will rise again in Him.

2 Cor 4:7-11
Even we go through much trial, the resurrection of Christ will eventually manifest.

Their eyes were restrained because they could not understand the concept of death.

Luke 24:15
If we want to see Lord Jesus, we should start having a dialogue with the word of God.

Luke 24:27
He expounded to them in all the Scriptures.
We must love the word of God.

John 14:21, 23
Loving the word of God = hearer and doer of the word of God.

Luke 24:28-29
Where to find Jesus? When we reach out to stranger.
Constrain = compel by employing force.
When we reach out to the lost, we will find Lord Jesus drawing near.
Let’s keep caring for them. Find a need and meet it. Find a hurt and heal it.

Luke 24:30
Where to find Lord Jesus? Sitting/eating together = fellowship with other believers.

Where the presence of Jesus is, there is resurrection life.

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