Pastor Aries’ Sermon 29, April, 2017 Are you ok?

Rm 4:1-3
The turning point was that he realized it was not Abraham story. It was God’s story.
Abraham trusted God to set him right.

This story is not CHC story.
It is God’s story about CHC.

Scenes are not story.
It is just glimpses. 
What we go through is just a scene, it is not the story of our lives.
We maybe going through tough times. But, the story God writes always ends in the positive.

The story of Christian life is full of disappointment or unanswered questions.

Sometimes when we go through difficult times, we ask God to quickly finish the scenes.
However, the shortest distance is not the easiest distance.

Psalm 23:4
Valley of the shadow of death. It is not death itself.
Shadows can be scarier than the real things.
Our imagination runs wild. What scares us is not the real crisis, it is what runs in our mind pertaining to the future in the midst of uncertainty.

Lord Jesus has conquered death.
The shadow of death must never scare us.

Acts 27:9-11
Sometimes, we mess up because we rely on experience instead of God’s voice.
Sometimes we get dragged into a mess due to someone else’s disobedience.
When the storm has a name, it is really a hurricane.
A storm comes unexpectedly, it can be bankruptcy, failure or divorce.
A storm comes into life so powerfully that we begin to lose control of our lives and we wander aimlessly.

When we lose control, we begin to think of despair and anxiety.

Acts 27:20-22
It came to the point that all hope was lost.
Paul encouraged them, "There will be no loss of life, except the ship."
Our idea of miracle of intervention maybe different from God’s story.
Nevertheless, we will be alright. Eventually we will reach out destination. God’s story about us is not over yet.

Life is like shipwreck.
However, there is treasure to be found after shipwreck.

Sometimes, when we cannot make sense of what is happening, the only decent thing to do is to stay silent and continue with the spiritual discipline.

Ecc 3:9-13
Sometimes, while waiting for the supernatural, we fail to see the natural.

We still have people around us.
Don’t miss out all this.

While we wait for Superman, we may miss out on Clark Kent.
-Pastor Aries-

Sometimes, we way miracle happens is not supernaturally, but naturally.

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