Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 6, May, 2017

The Message is the Messenger.
The Messenger is the Message.

Lord Jesus did not immediately ascend to heaven.
He went around to show Himself to the disciples.

Luke 24:33-36
The two disciples returned to Jerusalem.
Jerusalem was a dangerous city as the Pharisee sought to capture the Jerusalem.
Once again Lord Jesus appeared to them and blessed them with peace.

Luke 24:37-40
They were terrified.
However, Lord Jesus showed them His hands and feet.
He is not our imagination. He is real.

John 1:1,14
The Word did not just stay far away.
The Word became flesh.

Luke 6:46
We are to do the word of God.
When we do it, our life becomes solid.
Christian faith is not just argument or theology. Our faith is about doing. This is how the word is made flesh.

Luke 24:41-43
During the Last Supper, Lord Jesus served food to the apostles.
Here, Lord Jesus requested to be served.
The lesson: we are to grow up in Christ. From being served to serving others.

Lord Jesus ate fish in front of them.
Suddenly they recalled their fish experience with Him.

Luke 9:13
Many times when we are tired, we don’t feel like serving others.
However, Lord Jesus teaches us to go the extra mile. That’s when the miracle happens.

Luke 5:9-10
Lord Jesus told us to be fishers of men.
It is not by forcing or hardselling the Gospel.
It is by living out the word of God.
The message is the messenger and the messenger is the message.

We have not seen Lord Jesus.
But, when we do the word of God, we become the word made flesh.

Luke 24:4-48
All things about Lord Jesus must be fulfilled: his work, ministry, suffering and resurrection.
As the Father sent Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus sent us to be the witnesses.
Starting from Jerusalem, starting from the most dangerous city which rejcted Him.

Luke 1:1-2
A huge difference between eye witness and witness.
Eye witnesses = autoptai.
Many are eye witnesses but not willing to witness because it is troublesome.
Witness = martyres.
Witness goes all the way even to martyr for the belief.

How can we be faithful witnesses?
How to stay faithful to the end?

Luke 24:49
It is not by might.
We can only remain faithful by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Even in Jerusalem, the most dangerous city, the witnessing was powerful.

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