Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 20, May, 2017

For 40 days, Lord Jesus showed Himself to the disciples before ascending to heaven.

Luke 24:46-49
The Great Commission to be witnesses for Christ.
Before  that, they were to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the power.
Acts 1:4-5
They were to wait until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Acts 1:13-14
Waiting for the Spirit through persistent prayer.

Parable of persistent prayer in the book of Luke.

1.Parable of persistent woman
Luke 18:1-8
Widow had an adversary. Adversary = any person or situation which will harm us.
The Son of Man will come, not if, but when. 
It describes the arrival of royalty.
At the second coming of Christ, we need to prepare ourselves in persistent prayer.

Parable of tax collector and Pharisees.

Luke 18:9-14
Persistent prayer even makes us justified just like the tax collector.
Persistent prayer is an attitude of total submission.

God, I have nowhere else to go. I throw myself into Your arms.

2.Parable of the Midnight Friend

What do we do when we face temptation?
It does not matter even if we do not have friends, as long as we are persistent in prayer, doors will be opened dor us.

Luke 11:1-14
Persistence = shameless persistence.
Could it be that we lack of persistent prayer? 
Some trust in horses, some in chariots but our trust is in the name of the Lord.
When the breakthrough comes, the glory will not go horses or chariots, but it will go to God.

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