Praising God in Tough Circumstance

The crowd joined in the attack against Paul and Silas, and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten with rods. After they had been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison, and the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully. When he received these orders, he put them in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks. About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.
Acts 16:22-25

Imagine Paul and Silas unjustly thrown into a dark prison.
They were bruised and bleeding all over.
Their body screamed pain after pain due to severe flogging.

And yet, in that circumstance, they chose to praise God.

Not many of us have similar experience of being persecuted like theirs.
If they could praise God in the midst of pain and injustice, what excuse do we have not to praise God?
After all, shouldn’t His praise be continually on our lips? (Psalm 34:1)

It is easy to say ‘God is good’ when life is easy.
But here is the real test: can we still say ‘God is good’ when life is hard?

And so, have we praised God today?

PS: Read the remaining passage to see how God responded to their praise.


Posted June 9, 2017 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Verse of the Day

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