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It’s Hammer Time!! The Making of Golden Lampstand

The Tabernacle of Moses represented God’s dwelling in the Old Testament.
Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, the New Testament saints, it is beneficial for us to continue to study from the Tabernacle of Moses that we may become the dwelling place He desires.
He also made the lampstand of pure gold; of hammered work he made the lampstand… Their knobs and their branches were of one piece; all of it was one hammered piece of pure gold… They made the lampstand and all its accessories from one talent of pure gold.
Exodus 37:17, 22, 24
Let us now imagine the making of the Golden Lampstand.
Firstly, gold articles were collected and melted.
The impurity which floated above the hot liquid gold was removed.
In itself it was a long and arduous process.
The liquid gold was then cooled down, resulting in pure gold weighing one talent (which is a about 34 kg)
The second process which was a lot more arduous was the hammering of the gold.
Imagine the loud sound as gold lump was hammered times and again.
Imagine the masterful skill of the goldsmith as he shaped the gold lump into the lampstand complete with the intricate almond design
Imagine various tools, probably hammer with various sizes, in order to achieve the exact dimension and curve with great accuracy and precision and symmetry.
How was it possible to hammer the gold and transform it into a lampstand?
Because among all metals, gold is extremely malleable and ductile.
In fact, gold can be stretched as thin as 0.00004 cm thick which is at least 40 times thinner than human hair!!
(Note: this is the thickness of gold used in the famous Rutherford gold foil experiment to determine the structure of atom)
What lesson can we learn here?
God is the Ultimate Goldsmith and we are like gold before Him.
He desires to shape us into the likeness of Christ.
So, first, He uses fiery affliction to purge that impurity, that secret sin in our lives.
We must then quickly repent and let go of that sin.
But, He does not stop there.
Every now and then He will hammer us, allowing certain hardship to shape us up.
And this hardship has nothing to do with sin.
It may come in the form of demanding boss that we may develop the fruit of patience.
It may be that annoying friend or colleague that we may learn to forgive.
It may be that financial difficulty that we may cultivate perseverance and wisdom in managing money.
It may be that persecution from family members that we may take part in the Beautitude: Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake (Matt 5:11).
It maybe that slander/gossip from people that we may learn to love and bless our enemy.
This hammering process is definitely painful for us.
In fact, if gold were able to speak, it would have screamed in pain throughout the process of making the lampstand.
Nevertheless, just like gold is malleable and ductile, we too must learn to yield to Him as He hammers us.
Let us not become angry or disappointed with God.
Instead let us be willing to go through the process and persevere and develop that Christlike virtue.
Remember, He is still in the process of shaping us to be a lampstand before Him.
If we are now in hardship, let us examine our heart.
If the hardship is related to certain sin, let us quickly repent.
If it is not related to sin, what is that Christlike quality we must develop?

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