Men’s Meeting 23, June, 2017 Bishop Dale Bronner

God did great things for us in the past.
Nevertheless, He is not done yet.
He is going to do even greater things in our lives now.

Past does not define us.
Past prepares us.
We develop perspective even if we made mistakes in the past.

If we have not known sorrow, we would not know joy.
Failure teaches us much more than success.

Power is in where we have been, where we have wrestled.
Moses’ power was when he he had been with God before the burning bush, not when he met Pharaoh.

Our evangelism must be based on the seeds we sow, not the harvest.
In the whole plan of God, our assignment may be to sow or to water.

Our power is in the place of prayer, where we have been.
The devil discourages us from praying, for example, by sending us sleepiness.

Our power is in the place of pain.
God won’t do through us what He can’t do in us.
Our ministry flows from our past.
There are people who just like we were whom we can minister to.

We must never lose appetite for prayer or for the word of God.
Are the people around us stimulating or suppressing our appetite?

When we fall on our knees in prayer, it stabilizes our lives.
The devil makes us so busy on our feet that we may forget to fall on our knees.
Anxiety, frustration and stress are actually call to prayer.

Stay honest.
Give a man power and we will know his character.

Stay hungry. Stay humble. Stay honest.

The Shunemite woman built a room and placed furniture for Elisha.
Table = place of food and fellowship.
Bed = place of rest.
Chair = place to study.
Lamp = light of the Holy Spirit that we may understand the Bible.

Change our lives by changing our HAT: Habit-Association-Thought

Secret of succes is found in our daily routine.

Our life is the average of 5 people closest to us.
Is God the closest among those 5?
Don’t just change action without changing association.

One God-thought can change our lives forever.

Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.
Jabez = he who causes pain.
Jabez’ mother called him ‘pain in the neck’ all the pain.
Rachel had painful childbirth. She named the baby Ben Oni (son of my pain).
Jacob refused the name. He named the baby Benjamin (son of my strength).

Abrakadabra = I create while I speak.
Words create.
We are made in the image of God.
Since God creates, we too can create.
Lord Jesus said we can have what we say.

When God blesses us, 
Blessing does not stop when we lose job.
Blessing does not mean exemption from problem.
Blessing does not depend on where we are.

Prayer of Jabez:
Enlarge territory = opportunity 
The hand of God with us = hand of favor.
Keep me from evil = not keep evil from me. God does not remove evil.
Yet, God strengthens us to overcome evil.
Bless me = do something great in me.

We cannot export what we cannot produce.

Let this be our prayer:
God, transform something in my heart.


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