Bishop Dale Bronner’s Sermon 24, June, 2017 Look at The Birds

Matt 6:25-34
Part of the sermon on the mount.
Lord Jesus told us to look at the birds.
We must never worry. If God takes care of birds, He takes care of us even more as we are more precious to Him than birds.
No matter what we issue we face, God is saying, “I have got you.”

Birds don’t stress.
Birds get up early.
They find foods for their young.
They live carefree life. God who fed them yesterday is the same God who feeds them today.

Whenever we feel stress, it is a call to prayer.

Birds don’t stress over time!
Whenever we have deadline, we feel stress over time.
Time is subjective.
Time is slow when we are waiting.
Time is fast when we are late.

Birds self sacrifice for their young.

Consider the ants.
They moved the speck of dirt little by little until they build ant mound.
A little begins the process.
Little prayer begins the process of prayer.
Little talk about Jesus.
Little porn begins the process of porn addiction.
Little alcohol begins the process of alcoholism.
We must be diligent in whatever God calls us to do.

Don’t expect to possess the promise if you cannot embrace the process.
We won’t possess what we don’t pursue.
A desire without discipline becomes a delusion.
Success does not happen overnight. It happens over time.

The greatest enemy to goal is not adversity.
It is clear path to lesser goal.

Most of our stress comes from trying to meet the expectation of others.

Relationship account for 80% of our happiness.
On death bed, people look for relationship, not  money or car or diploma certificate.
If relationship matters later, shouldn’t it matter now?

How wealthy we are is not determined by how much we have but how little we need.

Let’s take care of relationship in church. It is family of family.

When we put our cares in God’s hand, He puts His peace in our heart.

Happiness means stop worrying over things beyond our control.

There is no finish line.
We can never say, “I have finished reading the Bible.” Or “I have prayed.”

God is making glorious story in our life.
However, just like any other act, there are enemies along the way.
Nevertheless, all things, good and bad, work together for our good.

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