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Flying Together

ban and elaine 2

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 22, July, 2017

Numbers 3

Numbers = Wilderness.
The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness after coming out of Egypt.
It is the picture of our journey in the world.
John 16:33
Though we face tribulation in the world, God has overcome the world.
If we want to navigate through the world, we need to learn from the wisdom of the book of Numbers.

Numbers 3
Priests and Levites.

Numbers 3:1
The generation or the record.
It focuses on the offspring.
Sons of Aaron who were the priests: Nadab  Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.
1 Pet 2:9
Likewise, we are royal priesthood
As priests, we are anointed.
The Holy Spirit lives in us.
As priests, we have responsibility to be consecrated.
Anointing and consecration go hand in hand.
When we are consecrated, the anointing comes.
The priestly ministry is life of death service.
If they did not obey the duty, they would die.

Numbers 3:4
Nadab and Abihu died.
With great privilege comes great responsibility.
God is holy and He is to be revered.

Leviticus 10:1-3
It was not according to God’s commandment.
Leviticus 8:1-2, 4
Moses did as He commanded him.
Leviticus 9:1-2, 5
They brought what Moses commanded.

Nadab and Abihu were presumptious.
They did what was right in their mind.
God is amazing but He is also holy.
We cannot approach God carelessly.
We must show concern for His holiness.

Lev 10:3
We must respect the glory of God.
For example, we must never be late for the church service.

1 Pet 2:11-12
We must abstain from unholy things.

Eleazar and Ithamar understood the lesson.
They kept holiness and hence they served alongside Aaron their father.

1 Cor 9:27
We need to discipline our body because God is holy.
The more we maintain holiness, the more God can use us.
Our attitude has to be right, not sluggish.

Numbers 3:5-6
The Levites were given entirely to serve the priests.
Their lives were not their own.

Numbers 3:7-8
The Levites had a guard duty.
They also did miscellaneous work especially in caring for the Tabernacle

There are 2 basic principles of ministry.

1.Leaders are called by God.
God appointed the priests and the Levites.
God calls and demands from us as we are royal priests.
1 Timothy 3:1-7
This is high level qualification God has for overseers. We must not be careless.

We are representatives of God
We must keep ourselves spiritually fit.

Minister = a person who pays the price.
The price must be high.
We must do it wholeheartedly
We must not stop paying the price
Heb 6:10
But God will not forget the labor

2.Different people are called to different ministry

Numbers 3:29
Kohathites carried the most holy place.
Number 3:23, 35-37
Merari did heavy liftings.

God decided the ministry for each family of the Levites.
We must not compare one ministry with another.
What God wants is faithfulness.
Col 3:23
No matter how small the ministry is, we must do it for God.

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Calm and Composed

Calm and Composed

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Street Fighter V – Suzaku Castle Theme (Ryu Stage)


Epic soundtrack to accompany my study ~~~

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Dinner Connexion 24, July, 2017


(Thanks, Elynn, for the awesome photo!)

Dinner with the guild members yesterday!!
We tried Roost at The Centrepoint!
Delicious chicken rice! Spacious place! Much laughter too!

Talked about Christology lesson, shared our knowledge about health and vegetables and discussed last weekend’s sermon too~~~

See ya in the next Connexion outing!!

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UQ Holder Negi’s Love Confession

Uq holder Negi's confession (1)

Uq holder Negi's confession (2)

Uq holder Negi's confession (3)

Uq holder Negi's confession (4)-b

Uq holder Negi's confession (5)-b

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Giving The Best to God

After studying the Altar of Burnt Offering, let us continue to study on the offering itself.
There are 5 types of offering in the Old Testament, namely
-Burnt offering
-Grain offering
-Peace offering
-Sin offering
-Trespass offering
Leviticus 1-5 gives the details of each of this offering.
There are at least 2 points we can learn from this passage

1.For some offerings, God gave ‘flexibility’ on the type of offering depending on the financial ability of the Israelites.

The rich Israelites sacrificed bulls.
The average sacrificed sheep or goats
The poor sacrificed pigeons or turtledoves.
As New Testament saints, we no longer bring animal sacrifice as Lord Jesus has sacrificed Himself.
Nevertheless, the same principle applies to us:
When we offer our finance to God, it is according to our individual financial ability (1 Cor 16:2)

2.The Israelites offered the best to God

When they offered animal sacrifice, the animals must be without blemish
Such an animal would have potential source of meat or leather or wool.
They could have sold the animal for a sum of money.
Nevertheless, they gave it to God.

When they offered grain to God, it was of the fine flour.
It was the best grade of flour which would later be deemed fit as a part of king’s diet (1 Kings 4:22)
It was a form of respect: if the flour was not presentable to a king, it was not presentable to God either.

Later on, in the book of Malachi (Mal 1:7-8), God rebuked the people for giving the defective offering (the lame, the blind, the sick animal) to Him.
God even challenged them to present such offering to a governor.
If the governor would not be pleased with it, why would God be?
For the Israelites who were not financially able, God accepted their pigeon or turtledove sacrifice.
Nevertheless, it does not mean they could offer sickly pigeon.
At the very least, they still would sacrifice a healthy pigeon.


Based on these two points, let us re-evaluate our giving to God.
All of us have different financial position.
Nevertheless, when we consider our giving to God (tithe, offering, building fund, etc), does it really reflect the best within our financial mean? 

Giving the best to God is indeed costly
Nevertheless, if God has already given His best (Lord Jesus) to us, why can’t we give our best back to Him? 
Let us not lose to the ancient Israelites.
If they could give their best to God within their financial mean, we can do the same too.


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Marcus Lamb’s Sermon 15, July, 2017 Don’t give up on your dreams

Hab 2:2-3
God has apppointed time for the vision.
It will speak, it will not lie.

What is vision?
A dream, a desire, a destiny.
We must not give up on our dream.

We are pregnant with destiny.
It is about to come true.
God has great things for us.

Pro 29:18
What is our dream?
Promotion? Owning a business?
Health? Family salvation?

Joseph was a great dreamer.
But, his own family betrayed him.
Nevertheless, he did not give up.
He went from pit to Potiphar’s house, to prison, to palace then prime minister.

Perhaps we feel our life is messed up.
Nevertheless, God can qualify the unqualified and the disqualified.

God is sovereign but He gave men free will.
When men (imcluding us) mess up God”s plan A, God will give plan B which is as good or even better than plan A.

1.Winners don’t quit and quitters do not win.

God does not measure success by number
He measures by faithfulness.

2.Take it one day at a time.

God does not show all our future at once.
If He were to do it, we may fear or we may run ahead of God.

When we have vision, we should write it out.
At the same time, we should help others achieve their vision.

3.Your attitude will determine your altitude.

We need to have attitude of passion.
We must be excited about our dream.
God does not use our past to determine our future.

God is the Source.
We achieve our dream  by our own strength.

How do we know our dream is from God?
If it is too big for our own strength, then likely it is from God.
2 reasons:
-God wants us to depend on Him constantly
-God wants all glory. When people see us, they will say, “Only God can do that.”

Zechariah 4:10
We must not despise the small beginning.
We must talk about the greatness of God when we talk about our dream.

4.Be prepared to take risks only when you have a clear word from God.

5.Stand on the word of God.

Numbers 23:19
Ps 37:4-5
Ps 71:1
Ps 91:15
Is 55:11
Jer 29:11
Jer 33:3
Phil 1:6
John 15:7
Rm 4:21
Phil 4:19
1 Pet 5:7

Keep on marching forward in God.
The dream will come to pass.


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SFV EVO 2017

The atmosphere was sooo electric!! Look at all the hype on the audience’s face.

Did anyone notice that magnificent parry and combo??

Look at that decisive jab in the end!!

And the flip technique was difficult to counter indeed.

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Learning Japanese Through Songs II

Another awesome way to improve my Japanese…
Singing and reading aloud Dragon Ball Super opening songs!!

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