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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 1, July, 2017

Numbers = Wilderness

The Israelites’ journey through wilderness depicts our journey in the world.
Why do we call life wilderness?

John 16:33
Just like wilderness, in the world there is tribulation.

Numbers 2:1-2
They were looking at the Tabernacle.
They camped looking at the LORD.
They camped in a square. Three tribes at every side.

East is the position of significance. It faces forward.
Numbers 2:3
Judah was stationed in the east.
Numbers 1:4-15
This ordering is based on Jacob’s sons’ seniority.

Numbers 2
Judah occupied the priority. He was mentioned first.
The lesson here: natural precedence does not determine our place in the kingdom of God.

Reuben, though firstborn, committed sexual sin with Bilhah (Gen 35:22)
Gen 49:3-4
Reuben did not deal with the lust of the flesh.
It caused him not to excel.
1 John 2:16
In this life there are lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, the pride of life.

Simeon and Levi lost their position through sins.
They occupied the south
Genesis 34:25
Simeon and Levi were furious  their sister was raped.
They killed the males in the city.
Genesis 49:5-7
Wrath and anger
Ephesians 4:30-31
Sin has consequences.

Cause and effect
Rm 6:23
Sometimes the consequence of sin affects our descendants.
400 years later, Reuben, Simeon and Levi’s descendants still bore the consequence.

Judah was quite messed up too.
Genesis 38:15-16
Judah visited a prostitute, who was actually his daughter in law.
Genesis 37
Judah also plotted evil against Joseph.
Why didn’t Judah get cursed?
Genesis 49:8
Judah seemed to have transformed. The curse was turned to blessing.
Sin has consequence. But, God’s grace is greater.

What is grace?
What you deserve, I don’t give.
What you don’t deserve, I give.

Genesis 44:33
What did Judah do to receive the blessing?
Judah volunteered to take Benjamin’s position of slave.
Judah used to be a person who gratified himself.
Then he surrendered. Judah sacrificed himself.

We may struggle with lust or anger.
Gal 2:20
But, we can always bring our old life to Christ

What about Levites?
The curse was transformed into blessing too.
Ex 32:25-26, 27-28
Worship of the golden calf.
Levites gathered at Moses’s sides.
Levites were full of wrath. God used their fire of wrath.
Liability in our lives can be transformed by God to be assets for His service.
Because of their holy passion, they lived closest to the presence of God.
The Levites was scattered. It was supposed to be curse. But, God used it. They were scattered to teach the law of God.

We must align ourselves with God.
It is no longer I but Christ who lives in me

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