Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 22, July, 2017

Numbers 3

Numbers = Wilderness.
The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness after coming out of Egypt.
It is the picture of our journey in the world.
John 16:33
Though we face tribulation in the world, God has overcome the world.
If we want to navigate through the world, we need to learn from the wisdom of the book of Numbers.

Numbers 3
Priests and Levites.

Numbers 3:1
The generation or the record.
It focuses on the offspring.
Sons of Aaron who were the priests: Nadab  Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.
1 Pet 2:9
Likewise, we are royal priesthood
As priests, we are anointed.
The Holy Spirit lives in us.
As priests, we have responsibility to be consecrated.
Anointing and consecration go hand in hand.
When we are consecrated, the anointing comes.
The priestly ministry is life of death service.
If they did not obey the duty, they would die.

Numbers 3:4
Nadab and Abihu died.
With great privilege comes great responsibility.
God is holy and He is to be revered.

Leviticus 10:1-3
It was not according to God’s commandment.
Leviticus 8:1-2, 4
Moses did as He commanded him.
Leviticus 9:1-2, 5
They brought what Moses commanded.

Nadab and Abihu were presumptious.
They did what was right in their mind.
God is amazing but He is also holy.
We cannot approach God carelessly.
We must show concern for His holiness.

Lev 10:3
We must respect the glory of God.
For example, we must never be late for the church service.

1 Pet 2:11-12
We must abstain from unholy things.

Eleazar and Ithamar understood the lesson.
They kept holiness and hence they served alongside Aaron their father.

1 Cor 9:27
We need to discipline our body because God is holy.
The more we maintain holiness, the more God can use us.
Our attitude has to be right, not sluggish.

Numbers 3:5-6
The Levites were given entirely to serve the priests.
Their lives were not their own.

Numbers 3:7-8
The Levites had a guard duty.
They also did miscellaneous work especially in caring for the Tabernacle

There are 2 basic principles of ministry.

1.Leaders are called by God.
God appointed the priests and the Levites.
God calls and demands from us as we are royal priests.
1 Timothy 3:1-7
This is high level qualification God has for overseers. We must not be careless.

We are representatives of God
We must keep ourselves spiritually fit.

Minister = a person who pays the price.
The price must be high.
We must do it wholeheartedly
We must not stop paying the price
Heb 6:10
But God will not forget the labor

2.Different people are called to different ministry

Numbers 3:29
Kohathites carried the most holy place.
Number 3:23, 35-37
Merari did heavy liftings.

God decided the ministry for each family of the Levites.
We must not compare one ministry with another.
What God wants is faithfulness.
Col 3:23
No matter how small the ministry is, we must do it for God.

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