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Marcus Lamb’s Sermon 15, July, 2017 Don’t give up on your dreams

Hab 2:2-3
God has apppointed time for the vision.
It will speak, it will not lie.

What is vision?
A dream, a desire, a destiny.
We must not give up on our dream.

We are pregnant with destiny.
It is about to come true.
God has great things for us.

Pro 29:18
What is our dream?
Promotion? Owning a business?
Health? Family salvation?

Joseph was a great dreamer.
But, his own family betrayed him.
Nevertheless, he did not give up.
He went from pit to Potiphar’s house, to prison, to palace then prime minister.

Perhaps we feel our life is messed up.
Nevertheless, God can qualify the unqualified and the disqualified.

God is sovereign but He gave men free will.
When men (imcluding us) mess up God”s plan A, God will give plan B which is as good or even better than plan A.

1.Winners don’t quit and quitters do not win.

God does not measure success by number
He measures by faithfulness.

2.Take it one day at a time.

God does not show all our future at once.
If He were to do it, we may fear or we may run ahead of God.

When we have vision, we should write it out.
At the same time, we should help others achieve their vision.

3.Your attitude will determine your altitude.

We need to have attitude of passion.
We must be excited about our dream.
God does not use our past to determine our future.

God is the Source.
We achieve our dream  by our own strength.

How do we know our dream is from God?
If it is too big for our own strength, then likely it is from God.
2 reasons:
-God wants us to depend on Him constantly
-God wants all glory. When people see us, they will say, “Only God can do that.”

Zechariah 4:10
We must not despise the small beginning.
We must talk about the greatness of God when we talk about our dream.

4.Be prepared to take risks only when you have a clear word from God.

5.Stand on the word of God.

Numbers 23:19
Ps 37:4-5
Ps 71:1
Ps 91:15
Is 55:11
Jer 29:11
Jer 33:3
Phil 1:6
John 15:7
Rm 4:21
Phil 4:19
1 Pet 5:7

Keep on marching forward in God.
The dream will come to pass.


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SFV EVO 2017

The atmosphere was sooo electric!! Look at all the hype on the audience’s face.

Did anyone notice that magnificent parry and combo??

Look at that decisive jab in the end!!

And the flip technique was difficult to counter indeed.

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Learning Japanese Through Songs II

Another awesome way to improve my Japanese…
Singing and reading aloud Dragon Ball Super opening songs!!

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Learning Kanji

Whooaaa!! Awesome videos on the introduction to Kanji character!!!
JapanesePod101 is really superb resource!!
Should support the website too!! Good thing I am a paying subscriber.
In case you want to learn about Kanji too, do check out these videos too, ok?

You can also check the individual video here:

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ICG6 Baby Shower 9, July, 2017


Baby Shower last Sunday!!
Our dearest congratulations to Robert and Santy!!

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 8, July, 2017 Passion

Passion: strong and barely controllable emotion.
It is passion toward God, His house and His people.

Passion: the suffering and the death of Jesus.
We often do not think about this second definition.

Acts 1:1-3
Jesus’s passion.
What is it about the cross?
Why do we see the cross as pain but Jesus saw it as passion?

The cross is the pain, agony and humiliation.
Jesus was hung naked.
The cross is hideous place.
Jesus’s body was torn until He was no longer recognizable.
Nevertheless, it was the place of His passion.

Why is pain and passion so intertwined?
Sometimes love comes with pain.
For example, a daughter loves her dad but she struggles how to respect him.
A husband loves his wife. He works hard to provide for her. However, the wife wants to leave him. He still wants to win her back though it hurts him.

Love hurts
It hurts to be open and vulnerable.
Love suffers long.

We can get a glimpse of love when we talk about maternal or marriage love.
However, we may have difficulty in comprehending God’s love.

Ephesians 3:18-19
Love of Christ passes all knowledge.
Nevertheless, we can still experience it.

The love of Christ heals every ache in our soul.
Passion is built on His love for you.
We must go beyond the joy of serving and witnessing His power.

How to love God?
One way to do so: to go back to the room, close the door, kneel down and tell God, “I love You.”
The love of God will ignite our passion.

The heart wrenching story of God’s love.
Hosea 1:2
God wanted Hosea to experience His passionate love.
He told Hosea to marry prostitute.
God even told him to love her.
Hosea cared for his wife and yet Hosea couldn’t change her mentality of prostitute.
She left the house and came back times and .
She then degraded lower: from prostitute to a slave.
Hosea immediately bought her because he still loved her.
He still considered her beautiful in his sight.

Lesson here.
For us, it is just transaction. However, to God, it is a love relationship.

God still loves us.
We are the object of His passion.
He will return our dignity even if we mess up.

You can purchase her sermon here: 



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Dinner Connexion 10, July, 2017


(Thanks, An Xian, for the awesome photography and idea!!)

Dinner fellowship with the awesome guild on Monday!
Fun time of photography taking!!
Hogged the entire atrium for this photo shoot.
Even the passer-by gave space to us!~~
See ya in the next Connexion outing~~ 

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