Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 29, July, 2017

In the wilderness.
This book describes our journey on earth.

Numbers 1
The presence of God sets us apart as His people.
The census indicated who belonged to Him, who His people were.

Life is difficult.
Nevertheless, as we come close to the presence of God, we will hear from Him to navigate through life.

Numbers 2
The Israelites encamped themselves around the presence of God.

Numbers 3
The generation of priests and Levites who served alongside Aaron the high priest.

As priests, we are to be anointed and consecrated.
Those who come near God must consider Him as holy and glorify Him.

Anointing and consecration.

Nadab and Abihu’s story is usually read side by side with the story of Uzza in 1 Chr 13.

1 Chr 13:3
David first wanted to get the Ark of God back.
Without the Ark, there was no voice of God.

Ps 61:1-4
David wanted to abide in the tabernacle of God since it was his shelter.

1 Chr 13:6-10
People recognized the importance of Ark.
The Ark was placed on a cart.
The oxen stumbled, Uzza tried to help. But, God struck him.

Uzza was the son of Abinadab
Abinadab = Abihu and Nadab.
Uzza might have carried the same attitude as Nadab and Abihu’s: careleness.

Why was the Ark placed on a cart?
It was a faster way to transport the Ark.
Instant way, that is.
Human’s weakness: always wants instant gratification, instant power, instant anointing.

Instany gratification = lust.
Oswald Chambers defined lust as “I must have this at once”
In contrast, the Bible teaches discipline, self control, diligence, endurance and delayed gratification

Proverb 21:5, 13:4
Example of instant gratification.
On the other hand, character and maturity takes time

The Ark of God traveled on the shoulder of the Levites, not on cart.
1 Tim 4:7-8
It takes time and effort.

When Uzza died, David was afraid.
He then placed it in the house of Obed Edom.
1 Chr 13:13, 14
The Ark was there for 3 months.
He was the Gittite, the same people with Goliath.
Obed Edom = servant of the deity of Edom.

Instead of dying, Obed Edom was blessed
He paid the price daily. He learned to revere God.
Important lesson: no matter how much sin we commit, as long as we submit to God and invite His presence, He will transform us.

1 Chr 15:1-2
Finally David learned his lesson.
The Ark must be carried by the Levites.
We must always go back to the word of God.

1 Chr 15:16-18
Obed Edom grew to love the presence of God.
He became the gate keeper to guard the presence of God.
1 Chr 15:21
Obed Edom became the musician.
1 Chr 15:25
He hosted the presence of God

1. Obed Edom did not stay in the blessing of God.
He prospered for 3 months.
Nevertheless, he did more: he guarded the Ark and he worshipped God as a musician.
He was more concerned with God than the blessing.

2.Obed Edom took ownership of the Ark.
Even though the Gittite was the enemy of Israel, his care and love for the Ark exceeded all the adversary.
How about us? Do we take ownership?
Are we willing to travel far to come to church?
Are we willing to serve in cell group?

3.Obed Edom was no longer a Gittite
He was known as the gatekeeper, not the Gittite.
Something changed.
When we pursue God’s presence, God changes us no matter our past.
Transform = metamorphosis.
Even if our life is like worm/caterpillar, God can transform us into a butterfly when we draw near to Him.

2 Chr 25:23-24
Obed Edom left behind a legacy.
Even Levites named their descendants Obed Edom.

No matter how many setbacks, we must always stay faithful to the presence of God.


Psalm 63:1-2

David understood the importance of the presence of God.


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