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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 5, August, 2017 Happy National Day

If we forget our history, we will have to relearn the painful lessons.

Pain prepares us for our purpose.
It is only when we have learned, then we can improve.

The law of pain
Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth.
Conversely, bad management of bad experiences leads to repeat crisis and decline
Proverb 12:1

Mark 6:34-38
When the disciples found a problem, they deflected the issue.
However, it did not solve the problem.
Nevertheless, Lord Jesus wanted to involve them in solving the problem.
While we pray to remove the problem, God says, “You can solve it.”
There were only 12 disciples and at least 5000 men. So, there was logistics issue.
In the end, Lord Jesus did the miracle.
Sadly, they ate and were full and learned nothing from this miracle.

An experience does not teach anything.
Only an evaluated experience yields wisdom.

When we encounter crisis, we pray.
After God does a miracle for us, we are happy, we share testimony.
However, we must not stop at the testimony.
We must learn something.
Miracle serves to us not just as a testimony but as a tutor.

Miracle equips us to face the next problem.
In fact, we must not use miracle to justify foolish action.

The disciples failed the test in Mark 6 (5 loaves and 2 fish).
So, Lord Jesus repeated the test.
Mark 8:1-10
The same problem.
However, the disciples failed the test.
Lord Jesus then multiplied the food from 7 loaves and few fish.

What lesson did Lord Jesus want them to learn?
God always produces more with less.
When we deal with a crisis, we must deal with the renewed mind, not just realistic mind.
When we face a problem, we should pray for perspective and protection.

Mark 8:13-15
The disciples quarreled over one bread since they had forgotten to bring more bread.
Eventually Lord Jesus confronted them, “Do you get it? How is it you do not understand?”

A lot of Christians can rehearse and recite the miracles.
But, not many understand the lesson behind a miracle.

When we are in crisis, we may not be able to see or think clearly.
We may have difficulty seeing Jesus or hearing from Jesus.
Nevertheless, we can remember the lesson from the previous miracle.

John 14:26
The Holy Spirit teaches the lesson behind the miracle and He reminds us too.

Psalm 25:4
Don’t just stop at the miracle.
We should also learn the lesson and His ways.


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