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School of Theology Graduation 23, September, 2017



School of Theology (or SOT) graduation service last weekend.
Joyous occasion for the students who have finished the course!
Hmm, when should I enroll myself to SOT too then?


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Connexion Dinner 25, September, 2017


Awesome dinner gathering with the guild members on Monday!
Nice Vietnamese food~~
Much laughter as we played Uno Spin and Citadels.
Board game is a superb way to break the ice and encourage interaction, especially among new members.
See those cards we are holding? They are Citadels cards ~~~
Let’s see if I can bring more board game next time!

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 23, September, 2017 Jesus Is With Us

Acts 1:1-2
Volume 1 was the book of Luke.
Volume 2 was the book of Acts.
The Gospel ended with Jesus’ ascension.
It was just the beginning of His work, actually.

The book of Acts is the continuation of His work.
Jesus still actively worked through the Holy Spirit.

Before His ministry, the Holy Spirit descended upon Lord Jesus.
Then, He preached regarding the Holy Spirit.

In the book of Acts, before their ministry, the Holy Spirit filled the disciples.
Peter rose up and preached about the Holy Spirit.

What had happened in Luke 4 happened again in Acts 2

Luke 8:1
Lord Jesus went around and preached the good news.
Acts 5:42
The same thing happened. The good news was preached everywhere.

The book of Luke recorded 22 miracles of Jesus.
Similar miracles were recorded in the book of Acts.

Acts 3:16
The miracle happened through the name of Jesus
Jesus is not dead. He is still working in our midst.
Rm 15:18-19
It was Jesus doing it through Paul.

Luke 7:22
He has come in our midst and still works around us.
Luke reminded Theophilus about Jesus who may have struggled with doubt.

Our job is to return to Jesus always whenever we have need.

Luke 18:7-8
Our job is to keep praying and not lose heart.
When the Son of Man comes = parousia.
It describes the arrival of an important person such as a king.
Lord Jesus promises He will come in His glory.

Matt 28:19-20
He is with us.
Gal 2:20
He lives and He is here in our midst.

You can download his sermon here:

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SFV SCR 2017 Capcom Pro Tour 2017

Awesome Ibuki play by Yukadon!
Man! Just one combo and half of the health bar is gone! Just… how??




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私の学生に おみやげを もらいました!日本のお菓子です!やった!

Some motivation for me to keep learning Japanese~~~~

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America’s Got Talent Season 12

Awesome performance of the recent America’s Got Talent!
Darci Lynne won! Congratulations.
Following are my favorite videos of the show. Enjoy!!









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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 16, September, 2017 Jesus’ Race

What is the purpose of cars going round and round in F1?
F1. Formula 1. It is a set of rules every driver needs to abide in order to win the grand prize.
It is similar to Christian life

The Jesus’ race.
If we follow the rule, we will win the ultimate grand prize.
1 Cor 9:24-26
We need to understand our purpose of walk in God.

What is the purpose of race?
Speed of race and direction.
Having a successful life is important, but the direction (or the purpose) is more important.
Success without purpose leads to frustration.
Fulfilling purpose leads to progress.

What is the point of moving so fast yet ending up in the wrong direction?
After we experience fast paced life, we need to step back and ask where the blessing leads us to.
In this F1 weekend, God wants us to slow down to consider our purpose.

Activities or busyness does not mean progress.
Success is not measured by activities but by outcomes.

The purpose of the Gospel.
The anointing at the Bethany.
Mark 14:3-9
What she did back then serves as a reminder fot all the preachers, ministers and pastors.

The purpose behind every service to Jesus.
What is this purpose?
In the passage above, there are 2 perspectives: Judas’ and disciples’.

Judas’ perspective
Jesus was not worthy of the fragrant oil.
From his perspective, Jesus is not his Lord.
How do we see Jesus in our lives?
When we are so blessed, does He remain our Lord?
When we are so busy  with ministry, does ministry become our lord?
We can be Christians but still having worldly perspective.
Purpose of the Gospel = to bring each one of us to the true estimate of His worth.
Is it a waste or a good investment?
When we go to church, is it a waste of time?
If Lord Jesus is worthy to be worshipped, nothing is too much to be offered to Him.
To Jesus, every true work is done unto the Lord not unto men.

When we are successful, maybe it is time to reevaluate our progress.
Col 3:23-24
Do we do it for Jesus and not unto men?
We can be so busy winning the lost and not do it for God.

In our pursuit of success, initially we may do it for God.
Yet, we deviate along the way.
What have we been in the past few years?
If we do it unto man (or even ourselves), we will be frusrated.

The disciples’ perspective
Matt 26:8-9
Judas’ perspective is the world’s.
Yet, disciples’ perspective is even more relevant to us.
They criticized the woman for pouring oil to Jesus.
To them, waste = not fully maximized.
Many times we compare ourselves with other Christians.
We may pray: God, my talents/times are not fully maximized. I should serve in a much larger scale. Lord, You are not using mr enough.

The Lord is telling us: stop looking at others and start looking at Him.
Purpose of the Gospel: the Lord is pleased.
It is not “Has the poor been helped?”.
It is “Has the Lord been satisfied?”
Large ministry is just the byproduct.

There is endless service to the poor or endless business opportunity.
But, His biggest concern is whether we please Him.
It is Him, not the service to Him.

This woman is a reminder to all of us.
Mark 14:9
Only when the Lord is pleased, then the poor will be satisfied.
The aim of preaching the Gospel is to satisfy Him.

When she broke the jar of oil, the fragrance spread.
It is also called the fragrance of Christ.
When something inside us is broken, the fragrance of Christ exudes from us that attracts non-Christians to Him.

You can purchase his sermon here:



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Staying Strong

Madara Uchiha Weakness Disgusts Me

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A Sweet Ending (2)

At first, he rejected her.
In the end, he married her. Beautiful!
(PS: she is a few hundreds years old)

Nagi and Yukihime UQ Holder

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A Sweet Ending

At first, she rejected him.
More than 10 years later, she married him.

Negi and Chisame UQ Holder

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