Pastor Aries’ Sermon 26, August, 2017 Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

Law of pain.
Good management of bad experience leads to great growth.

Miracles are not just for testimonies.
There are lessons behind those miracles.
Without learning the lesson, we will fall into the same setback

Obedience is better than sacrifice.
Why is it so?
Somehow, to sacrifice is more inconvenient than to obey.

1 Sam 15:14-22
Saul was to destroy the Amalekites completely without sparing anyone or even animal.
But, he spared king Agag and the best flock.
Samuel confronted Saul but Saul gave excuse that he would sacrifice to God.
Samuel was fed up and declared: to obey is better than sacrifice.

When Saul was caught disobeying, he used sacrifice as an excuse for restitution.
It is more like bribing God rather than sacrificing, really.

It is not God diminishes the value of sacrifice.
It is simply: we cannot with compensate with sacrifice what we lose through disobedience.
An analogy: there is an exam tomorrow but we forget to study. The following morning we ask God the exam questions and promise to give tithe. But, God will most likely not help.

Samuel was first expecting repentance from Saul, not sacrifice.

2 Kings 4:1,2
The husband might not be so good in managing money.
Elisha did not immediately pray for her.
He asked her, “What do you have?”
She said, “A little oil.”
The miracle is in the house: in our pursuit for the supernatural, we may fail to see the natural.
She wanted God to do the miracle.
However, God wanted to do miracle together with her.

2 Kings 4:3-4

1.Miracle is for use, not for show.
Elisha told her to borrow jugs and vessels. That’s the sign of hardwork.
The miraculous provision of God always invites hardwork and never excuses laziness.

2.obedience is your preparation for miracles.
In her obedience, she prepares herself to receive miracle from God.

2 Kings 4:7
We need to change our mindset and learn how to live from excess not in excess.
Retention of miracle requires renewed mindset.

The wedding of Cana.
The servants knew water become wine.
However, the host did not know.
It is all because the servants obeyed Lord Jesus.
The miracle happened behind the scene.
Sometimes God brings us behind the scene so we can work with Him to produce the miracle.


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