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Restful Moment

An awesome idea of rest!!!












Loving it to the max!!

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そんごく の 新しい 力  ですよ!!
So much hype, so much anticipation!
Rumor says 2 LICENSED streaming website CRASHED at the same time when the episode was out.


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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 21, October, 2017

Come, Let Us Rebuild

Nehemiah 2:17
Why was the Jerusalem in ruin?
After exile, Zerubbabel led the first group of Israelites back to Jerusalem.
However, much adversary stoped him.
Ezra and Nehemiah came to the restoration too. Yet, they faced much adversary too.

John 16:33, John 10:10
Whenever we obey God, adversary comes to try to steal, to kill and to destroy.
Luke 22:31-32
Satan = Adversary.
Satan came to steal Simon Peter’s faith.
The devil does not need our possession.
When we lose our faith, we lose everything.
Heb 11:1
When we lose trust in God, life is not worth living anymore.

2 Pet 1:5
The first building block is faith.
It is based in personal revelation with Jesus Christ.
If the enemy steals faith, the whole building collapses.
As long as we have faith, even if we lose jobs, we can get better jobs.

How do we rebuild faith?

1.) By encountering God.

Neh 1:3-9
Nehemiah fasted and prayed when he heard trouble.
Nehemiah praised God, declaring His goodness for 4 months.
He held on according to His promise.
Our prayer shouls be shaped and grounded in Scripture.

2.) By the word of God

2 Cor 4:8-14
How did apostle Paul persevere in the midst of difficulty?
He believed and he spoke: Jesus will rise us up again.
How do we guard heart? By guarding our tongue.
Heb 10:23
We must hold fast to the confession of our faith.

Neh 2:2-5
Why was Nehemiah afraid?
Because he came face to face with the king who had stopped the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Nevertheless, he prayed.

In any difficulty, there is always the third party: the God of heaven.

Nehemiah boldly asked the king’s writing for a safe passage and the supply of timber to restore Jerusalem.

3.) By the courage to act

The hand of the Lord upholds us as we exercise courage in the midst of adversary
Courage = strength in the midst of pain or grief.
Isa 41:10
We must not fear. We must take courage to act.
Miracle, deliverance and harvest will come.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Family Feud

Sometimes, you just need a huge dose of laugh.
Fret not. Family Feud to the rescue~~~
見てください  ^__^




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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 14, October, 2017

Calling vs Coming

It is not enough if God calls us.
We must respond to His calling.

We can celebrate that people are getting saved in the house of God.
We can celebrate the backsliders are returning to God.

There are many things we can give thanks to God about.
Why then do we have the theme of “Come Away”?
It is the love of Jesus that touches them.

Songs 2:10
God wants us to come away with Him.
What are we coming away into?

1.) He calls us into deeper hunger for Him. 

Part of being a Christian is to be hungry and full at the same time.
Being hungry is the sign of health.
When little kids are not hungry, we know something is wrong.

After hearing all the sermon and enjoying all the revelation, are we still hungry for Lord Jesus?
In the natural, we get hungry by not eating.
In the supernatural, we get hungry by eating.
The more we come away with Him, the hungrier we get for Him.

Deut 8:3
Through hard times, a deeper hunger for Him comes. Then, He fed us with manna.
Manna = what is it?
When we are hard times, we often cry out to God: what is it You are trying to say? What is the purpose?
Nevertheless, God wants us to trust Him with the mystery of “what is it?”
God cares for the true desire of our heart.
God is in control of everything we go through.

Hunger pulls on heaven until the heaven’s atmosphere becomes ours

2.) God wants us to come away into a higher calling. 

Matt 4:18-20
Lord Jesus told Peter and Andrew to follow Him and be the fishers of men.
They walked away from the life they had known.

God calls us into higher caling.
His call is disruptive to what we often to do.
Lord Jesus walks down our shore, He will rearrange our entire life as He has higher calling.
Whatever Lord Jesus says, we must be quick to obey.

After crucifixion, Peter went back to his old life of catching fish.
Nevertheless, Lord Jesus restored his life.
Peter entered into his higher calling. Never again he fished. Instead, he preached.

3.) God wants us to come away into all of Him

John 21:6-7

When Peter went back to his old life, he caught no fish.
Finally he had breakthrough when Lord Jesus met Him.
When he realized He came, he immediately swam to the shore.
Though Peter caught 153 fish, he considered them as nothing compared to Lord Jesus.

So many things have happened to us as a church and as individual.
Yet, we should always come away with Him.

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CHC 28th Anniversary 14, October, 2017



Bible Reading Completed


先週の土曜日  教会から  プレゼントをもらいました!!
Bible reading completed, that’s why~~
Anyway, gonna read it soon and get more wisdom~~

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やった!!私の先生から 手裏剣を もらいました!!
Motivation to study Japanese further ~~~

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Dear readers, if you want to achieve the same feat, hopefully the following soundtracks can assist you.






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Happy Marriage

Some Japanese drama for me to practice in listening!! すばらしいですね!!




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