Pastor Sun’s Sermon 30, September, 2017 Why Cell Group? No Plan B

How do we build relationship, close fellowship in the midst of a big church?
It is through cell group.

Cell group is a community of people sharing their lives together in God.

Genesis 2:18
The fundamental need of a man: human is made for relationship.
God longs for us to be a part of His family.
1 Tim 3:14-15
1 Cor 1:9
The ultimate goal of preaching the Gospel is to get people into the fellowship of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is more than just being called out from. It includes being called into the fellowship of Jesus Christ.

Eph 2:19
God never intends Christians to be solitary.
He wants us to have deep relationship with one another.

Acts 2:42
The early church did not just connect to the Temple.
They met from house to house,i.e. cell group.
They focused on relationship.
Cell group was their way of life, not just a ‘ministry’

1. Cell group allows us to be authentic.
While social media is good, more and more people are disconnected.
Rm 12:9
We must love without faking it.

2. A cell group allows us to show empathy.
We have the need to be understood and to have our feeling validated.
Job 6:14
When a man is so depressed until he can’t believe God anymore, he still deserves a friend.

3. A cell group allows us to learn accountability.
Ecce 4:9-12
We will be more consistent in our personal growth if there are others encouraging us.

4. A cell group allows us to be discipled.
Discipleship was the focus of Jesus’ ministry.
We can develop talent alone.
However, we can only develop character of Christlikeness in a relationship.
In a cell group, we learn values such as loving the house of God (by keeping it clean) and helping others simply because they need help, not to make us feel great.

Peter saw Jesus walking on water.
He asked Him to tell him to come to Him on water.
Why? Because he wanted to be involved with Jesus.
Peter followed Lord Jesus before the crucifixion.
Peter was close enough to Him that He could see him in the courtyard after the rooster crowed.

Jesus had no plan B for the disciples.
Though they were ordinary people, Jesus had faith in them.

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