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Connexion Dinner 26, March, 2018


(An Xiang, thank you sooo much for the beautiful photo!)
Awesome guild outing at Dapur Penyet at The Centrepoint!!
Delicious dinner: tender chicken meat with the matching chili sauce and fantastic soup! And affordable too. Yummy!
A heart to heart talk with some members too.
And finally, some board games to complete the dinner. Joyful shout and laughter.

Stay tuned! More awesome outings are on the way!

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Memorization Technique

Bokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai chp 56u

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Dragon Ball Super Conclusion

Android 17! Hero of the day!
Saving all the lost universes!

Hopefully they will make the sequel soon!!


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To commemorate the last episode of Dragon Ball Super!!
I feel I can master 身勝手の極意  just by listening to this ~~~




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Let’s Survive Together



Grashros (2)

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TOP 5 MOMENTS: FINAL ROUND 2018 – Capcom Pro Tour 2018

They can read their enemy and are prepared to counter enemy’s moves.
This is like a game of chess!
Look at that Cammy vs Mika. That was a amazing counter!
Enjoy the video!

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Jason Sharon Wedding 17, March, 2018


Beautiful wedding last Saturday!
The couple even reserved 2 tables just for the guild members ~~~ Awesome!
Lovely atmosphere. Great food. Most importantly, amazing reunion with friends ~~~
The groom did one quiz for the guests which consisted of 5 questions. I almost came out as the winner!! XD

Congratulations, Jason and Sharon!

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Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour 2018


See that Grand Final between Akuma and Menat?
Akuma threw too many fireballs whereas Menat simply reflected the fireballs back.
When Akuma jumped in, Menat caught him mid air.
Menat’s orbs formed an impenetrable defense too.
So, is Menat the natural weakness of Akuma?

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You Are (Not) The Father


Just one example of lives broken as a result of fornication. And, the show has many more examples.
Why can’t they just save it for marriage?

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Cg Refreshment 9, February, 2018


Awesome dinner time with the CG last Friday!
Healthy and tasty nasi tumpeng. As usual, I finished most of the veggies :P.

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