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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 19, May, 2018 Growing Up On Purpose

Luke 2:22-23, 39-40
After the dedication, baby Jesus grew in spirit, filled with wisdom.
To grow = natural and normal growth.

Parents usually ensure their children grow well physically and mentally and intellectually.
Luke 2:41-42
Parents also ensure the spiritual growth of the children.

When parents do their best for their children, God will bring out the best in them.

From infant to 12 years old, His growth depended on his parents.
From 12 years old onward, His growth was mainly due to his effort to understand His life purpose. Increase = prokopto = to beat forward and further advance.

Jesus purposefully and intentionally grew. He chartered His own path of growth, advancing in life deliberately.

Parents should not just pray for child prodigy. Parents should pray their children to discover their life purpose.

Similarly, spiritual leaders can only bring us thus far. But we must chart our own growth.

From 12 to 30 years old, He was busy growing in His purpose.

0-12 yo: parental guidance
12-30 yo: obscure preparation
30 yo onward: minostry

Talent + preparation + opportunity = achievement

Lord Jesus spent 30 years of preparation to carry out 3.5 years of ministry and to complete 3 hours of crucifixion.

Many of us know our general purpose in God, though we do not know the specific.
When we don’t know the specific will of God, we must prepare for the general purpose of God.

Luke 4:16-22
Lord Jesus had always been attending the synagogue service.
After He had been baptized, He intentionally chose the book of Isaiah to announce His specific life purpose.

How do we grow in the general purpose of God before God reveals specific purpose?
He grew in the word of God.

Jesus knew the word of God so well that He was regarded as Rabbi.
In fact, people asked Him who His teacher was.
He even was able to summarize the complex  word of God and simplified it.

Luke 2:42-43
The Boy Jesus lingered, to stay longer than necessary.
Luke 2:46-47
He spent time asking questions and answering about the word of God.
In 18 years of preparation, He studied the word of God, prepared all the sermons even when He had no chance to preach.

Luke 3:21-22
18 years of preparation was for the one moment of anointing.
Preparation must always come first before greatness.

You can purchase his sermon here:
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