Pastor Sun Ho’s Sermon 4, August, 2018


Mark 16:20
If we want to see signs and wonders, we must be prepared to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is the Gospel?
The cross of Jesus is the beginning, the door of the Gospel.
There is so much more in the kingdom of God.

Kingdom = king + domain.
Kingdom of God = felt reality of God’s domain.

There is something in the air.
Felt reality of the presence of God.

The world needs God’s domain, His felt reality.
Not every church culture is kingdom culture.

Matt 6:9-10
We pray that His kingdom should come down to earth as it is in heaven.
God wants the kingdom’s culture to influence the earth’s culture.
Luke 4:43, Acts 1:3
Lord Jesus preached the kingdom of God during His earthly days.

Matt 24:3, 14
Sign of the end time: the Gospel is the demonstration to all the nations.

God’s purpose is not just to bring us to heaven.
Heaven is just the holding place.
The new Jerusalem came down from heaven to earth.

Hence, Lord Jesus wants us to practice bringing the heaven down to earth.
We will stay on earth in eternity.

Matt 4:23
We need to contend for more of His kingdom here on earth.

Matt 10:8
There is no illness in heaven.
Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demon.
We must contend for more of the reality of His kingdom on earth.

To experience the kingdom of God, we must first experience the king Himself
The kingdom of God is the kingdom of love and relationship with the King.

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