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Dinner after service + Birthday Celebration 23, November, 2019

Awesome dinner at Alt Pizza Suntec!
Great pizza and pasta!!


Yummy! Hopefully I can cook this kind of western food in the future too ~~~


We celebrated birthday too! Happy birthday, David!
May God grant you the desires of your heart!!


And some pre-wedding celebration too.
Thanks a lot for the prayer, ICG-ers!

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Connexion Soar to the Skies 11, November, 2019


Great fellowship with Connexion guild members yesterday!!
Tasty ramen at Changi T1~~~
Always feel good to update about each other’s life.
Looking forward to meeting them again  :) :)


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Labrador Park Connexion 28, October, 2019




Awesome outing with awesome group of people on Deepavali Holiday!!
Explored Labrador Park with its superb greenery.
Saw some relics of war. Thank God for this time of peace!

Will see them again in December ~~~


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City Harvest Church Building Conquerors


Yahooo! Completed the church bible reading program of the New Testament.
Received this awesome book from church.
Going to read it soon ~~~~


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World of Warcraft Shadowland



And so, Warcraft now expand to the realm of afterlife.
Are we going to meet Arthas?? Please say yes.

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Terminator Dark Fate


Wohoo! Free movie screening!
Awesome movie! Every choice we make today will definitely determine our future!
“Never give up. That’s the choice I was supposed to make!” – Jiraiya (Naruto)


Thank you so much for the towel too! Looks nice!
Will put it in good use! :D


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