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Street Fighter V Capcom Cup 2019


Poison won the tournament!! Awesome slap for the win!!

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Christmas Dinner 25, December, 2019


Christmas dinner with Leow and Wu family!!
Awesome family time! Delicious food! ~~~
Thank God for a big family!

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Supersteam Street Fighter V Tournament 24, December, 2019


Street Fighter V Tournament on Christmas Eve!!
My very first experience playing this game. Usually I only watch Youtube videos.
Some colleagues were really hysterical when their characters were losing.
Some repeatedly pressed buttons randomly.
Well, all was fun.


Yay! Thank God I won the tournament!
The final was a battle of wits more than techniques.
Dhalsim for the win! YOGA FLAME!!

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City Harvest Church Christmas 2019 Unboxing Christmas

Winter Solstice 22, December, 2019


Awesome family reunion!! Ate tonnes of food to celebrate winter solstice!
The char siew, the chili and the fried dumpling. Yummy!!
Suddenly I got ‘pregnant’.

Will meet them again next year ~~ another round of yummy food!

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Christmas Service 21, December, 2019

Awesome Christmas celebration last weekend!!
‘Unboxing Christmas’ drama production was superb!!


As usual, the hall was beatifully decorated ~~~
Stay tuned, ok? Will post here when the online version has been uploaded.


Even Angry Bird celebrates Christmas! Must stay happy, not angry :D :D


Yummy Bee Hoon dinner with cg members after the service. Delicious!

Book Review XL The Case for Miracles


Some people believe that miracles are against science.
Hence, they consider miracles non-existent.
Some people believe miracles only happened in the past.
Some people believe miracles still happen today.

What does the evidence say?

In this book, Lee Strobel interviewed people who believe in miracles and people who don’t.
He examined the evidence from a journalist point of view.

Many people, especially scientists, argue that miracles are non-existent because they violate natural laws.
However, Lee offered another perspective to look at miracles.
Suppose he drops a pen; gravity law dictates that it will fall to the floor.
However, if he manages to catch the pen in midair, it will then not fall to the floor.
There is no violation of gravity law here.
Similarly, miracles are simply God temporarily intervening in the world He has created.
In fact, He is the Source of all natural law.
Hence, it is His ‘legal’ right to intervene the natural law and for a good reason.

Lee then recorded a number of modern day miracles:
– A spontaneous closure of the hole in the heart in a eight year old boy.
– A patient with progressive multiple sclerosis only had life expectancy of less than 6 months suddenly heard God’s voice to get up and walk. That day she was suddenly healed from years of  sclerosis.
– Benjamin Solomon Carson received answers to his Chemistry exam in a dream.
– The dream of Lord Jesus appearing in the dream of many Muslim people to point them to Himself.

Lee also interviewed a scientist who argued that the creation of the universe is indeed a miracle which should point everyone to the existence of God.
The universe is extremely fine-tuned so that life exists.
There are at least 322 conditions that  must be right for a planet to support life.
Such tiny probabilities cannot be ascribed to mere coincidence.
Clearly, there is Creator God who designed the universe.

Probably for Christians, the most important miracle is the resurrection of Jesus Christ: only God can give life from death.

Lee interviewed a detective to investigate the resurrection case.

Jesus really died on the cross. The soldiers were not mistaken to think that He died. Also, the person on the cross was Jesus, not a substitute.
Jesus was really buried.
He rose up from the dead and showed Himself to the witnesses.
The witnesses themselves gave consistent testimony and were willing to die for their testimony.
Hence, the resurrection was a real event, not a made up story.

What should be our attitude toward miracles when we need them?
While we do our best in the natural, we should believe in the supernatural.
For example, while we pray for God to grant wisdom upon the doctor during a surgery, we should also pray for supernatural healing.

What if miracle doesn’t happen after we earnestly pray for it?
First of all, we should not feel embarassed.
God has reason why He grants a miracle and why He does not, though we may not always know the reason.
He is the sovereign God, after all.

But sometimes, we are in the midst of suffering that we desperately need the miracles.
We pray and we pray. But, there is still no miracle yet.
For some, the lack of miracles is the breaking point of their faith in God.
At this point, when we have to continue to wrestle with inscrutable suffering, we should pray the prayer of relinquishment. The prayer of letting go.
Just like Lord Jesus who prayed, “Not My will, but Yours be done.”
And eventually, even if we do not receive any miracle on earth, in heaven, God will wipe out every suffering.


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Tekken 7 Leroy Smith


Now, that is one insane soundtrack for workout.
You bout to get this work!

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Wedding 30, November, 2019

Jefri & Xina-212.jpg

Praise the LORD for answering my prayer ~~~

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Jewel Changi 15, December, 2019


A great time spent together~~~
Visited Jewel Changi and took many superb photos.
Gotta visit this place again soon ~~~

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