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Supersteam Lion Dance 31, January, 2020


Huat ah!!! Lion dance performance in office to welcome the year of rat.
Cheers for a better year ahead!  ~~~

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Warcraft Wrathion


Friends. Then, enemies. Now allies.
Hopefully their alliance is permanent this time, unlike the Alliance and the Horde.



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Connexion Dinner 6, January, 2020


Awesome dinner with the awesome people! Fantastic heart to heart talk!
Must meet them more often!



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Devil May Cry V Dance Time



Dante Must Die? No. Dante Must Dance? Yes.

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Devil May Cry 5 Royal Guard


And so, Vergil was soooo frustrated.

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K-CC Homework Club 2, January, 2020


Voluntary Teaching in Chai Chee.
The sharing session was particularly touching. We understood the importance of education to break from the cycle of poverty.
In particular, Chai Chee is a poor estate. Hence, our volunteering duty is significant to help students from low income families :)

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ICGX BBQ 31, December, 2019



Awesome BBQ with CG members on the New Year Eve!!
Lots of nice food! Great conversation!!


Fun time with Twister game!! My team won and we did not do any forfeit… of dancing!!!


Gift exchange time!! From our secret Santa!!


The revelation of our presents ~~~~

IMG-20200101-WA0036         20200101_235810

The presents for both my wife and I ~~~   ^___^

Must continue to fellowship with them~~

Posted January 2, 2020 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Cell Group