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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 28, March, 2020

Lord Jesus prayed often. The prayer of Jesus.

1. Jesus prayed in solitude.

He often prayed alone.
Mark 1:35
He ministered to the people.
He was so tired. Nevertheless, He took time to pray.
Praying was His way for resting.
He prayed at night and in the morning.
Is 50:4, 6
Though we are busy, we must find time to pray.
Prayer was when He received guidance from the heavenly Father.
The disciples were often exasperated that Lord Jesus often prayed alone.
Mark 1:36-38
In prayer, the Father instructed Jesus where to minister next.
Prayer comes first, then God will show what is next.
When there is quietness and no distraction, we can pray better and meet God in private time.
When we are alone, we can express our deepest needs to God.
For Jesus, His secret place was the wilderness.
Covid-19 is a good time to pray.

2. Jesus prayed and encountered God

Prayer was the key to the blessing of God.
Luke 3:21
While He was praying and being baptized  the voice of the Father was audible.
Luke 9:28-29
As He prayed, His appearance changed.
Also, the voice of the Father was audible.
John 12:28
Lord Jesus prayed to the Father publicly.
The voice of the Father was audible for the third time.
God always hears our prayer, even the faintest whisper.
Isa 50:4
Jesus picked up God’s voice easily.
Luke 22:41
When Jesus prayed, God sent an angel to strengthen Him.
John 11:41
Even before resurrecting Lazarus, Jesus prayed for a miracle. God the Father heard Him.
The time of prayer is the time of power. The more we pray, the more God-incidences occurs.

3. Jesus prayed before every major decision.

Lord Jesus became more and more popular.
However, opposition and hostility grew. Some even plotted to murder Him.
Luke 6:12
Jesus prayed and prayed before choosing the 12 disciples because this major decision would affect Christianity.
During Covid-19, let us pray that God will direct our steps.

4. Jesus prayed to overcome temptations.

Heb 4:19
Jesus was tempted continually.
Mark 6:31
Jesus was sad because His cousin had been executed.
Nevertheless, the people still flocked to Him.
Moved by compassion, Jesus taught them.
John 6:15
However, the people wanted to make Him a king.
But, He overcame the temptation to be a king. He then prayed and fellowshipped with the Father.
What is the temptation we are facing now? Pride, greed, lust, envy?
Let us bring all our temptation to the Lord.
Luke 22:31
Satan was about to tempt Peter but Jesus had already prayed for him.
Mark 14:38
Our flesh is weak. Without prayer, no one can overcome Satan’s temptation.

5. Jesus prayed and trusted the Father even when the answer was “No”

We must be ready when God says no to us.
Mark 14:32-36
Jesus was hours away from His crucifixion.
He was not afraid of the nails or scourging.
However, He was afraid of the absolute separation from the Father
He was afraid of bearing the full wrath of the Father.
The Father said no 3 times.
Jesus then submitted Himself to the Father’s will.
Can we trust our heavenly Father when He says no to us? He has the best interest for us in His plan.



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