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A young earth creationist from City Harvest Church, Singapore

I am a child of God.
God is my Abba Father, my Daddy God.
God loves me just the way I am .
God lives in me and I live in Him.
I am a person of infinite worth.
I have been created unique in every way.
It is OK to love myself and take care of myself.
I am created by God for every good work.
God has called me and chosen me as His own.
God is changing me every day to be more like Him.
I am a person of great purpose and destiny.
I am given talents, gifts, and abilities by God.
I am abounding in grace and hope.
I am “blessed”-empowered to succeed in life
Greater is God in me than the devil in the world.
I don’t have to be afraid of anything for God is with me.
Every bad habit I have is losing control over me.
Even my enemies are at peace with me now.
God is thinking good thoughts about me right now.
God is planning the paths that will lead me to my purpose.
I have visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit regularly
I am led daily by the Holy Spirit
I will walk in good health and live a long life.
I will prosper financially in life
I love Jesus wholeheartedly
I love people fervently
Jesus loves me forever
~~~~~ Words I Confess Daily, City Harvest Church

I have been saved by grace through faith.
Jesus lives in me and I live in Him.
Jesus loves me and will be with me to the end of the age.
I love God wholeheartedly and I love people fervently.
By the stripes of Jesus Christ, I am completely healed.
God gives me the garment of praise to overcome depression.
I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.
I am a child of God and He is my “Abba Father”.
I love God because He first loved me.
I am the apple of God’s eye.
God has inscribed me on the palm of His hands.
God’s thoughts toward me are good and not of evil.
God is transforming me into His image daily from glory to glory.
I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.
I can serve the purpose of God in my generation.
—– Words I Confess Daily, City Harvest Church

I will be strong and do mighty exploits for God.
The Holy Spirit is my Comforter and Helper.
The anointing of the Holy Spirit breaks all bondage in my life.
Even my enemies are at peace with me right now.
God’s grace is made perfect in my weaknesses.
If God is for me, who can be against me?
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
My life is transformed as the Word of God renews my mind.
The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
I am planted in the house of God and I will flourish in His courts.
I am “blessed”-empowered to be successful in life.
I am the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath.
I am blessed in my coming in and blessed in my going out.
All things will work together for good because I love God.
I will prosper in all things and be in health, just as my soul prospers.
Surely goodness, mercy and unfailing love will follow me all the days of my life.
**** Words I Confess Daily, City Harvest Church

“Jefri is a good student.”-Dr. Bates
“He could have been an Organic chemist,”-Dr. Bates
“Even if your GPA were 1 point lower than your current GPA, we would still give you the scholarship (to do PhD.). The way you presented is better than some of PhD. students’ way.”-Dr. Bates
“Listen to professor Jefri”-Dr. Bates
“(Jefri is).. one of the most memorable students I had ever taught. He asked and answered a lot of questions during the lecture when most students would simply pretend not to know.”-Dr. Bates
“Do you have any questions? For any courses? Ask Jefri”-Dr. Bates
“Jefri is the next Dean.”-Dr. Tan
“Jefri is one of our best students,”-Dr. Tan
“You are so arrogant,”-Dr. Tan
“(Jefri) is very lucky. He has a lot of girlfriends.”-Dr. Yeow
“So much!! How come you are richer than me?”-Dr. Yeow
“You are handsome and rich.. perfect.. What else does a girl want?”-Dr. Yeow
“(Jefri is) So handsome”-Prof. Siow
“I am always positive, but you are more positive than me”-A local girl
“I know you always have high academic achievement”-A Chinese girl
“Because you are handsome”-A Malaysia girl
“(Jefri,) You are already cool”-A PhD. student friend
“(Jefri,) You are nice and intelligent”, “You are very influential”, “Your endurance is superhuman”- A local girl
“I want Jefri to be my TA”- A local girl
“I admire you.. You appear like knight in shining armour.. I missed Jefri”-A local junior girl
“If there were a cute and smart guy like you, I would immediately fall in love,”-An Indonesian girl
“You have gotten more genius”-An Indonesian girl
“I hate you”, “Jefri, you are the first student I want to kill”-A lab officer
“Jefri, you are a superman. I can see red-blue inside your shirt”, “You are so cheeky”-A local girl
“(I) miss your laughter, your loud loud laughter”- a Bukit Batok girl
“hey jefri, i just wanted to drop you a note before i head to bed. missing you lots,”-a Bukit Batok girl

“Jefri is smart, strong, handsome and rich. All (is) complete in one package”-Dr. Yeow
“Jefri is scholar and scholar is Jefri”-a CG leader
“You’re always thinking of ppl in a nice way.
I wish i can be more like you, in that way.”-A local girl
“Girls surely fight to get you. I wish I were still single that I might fight to get you”-An Indonesian girl
“You are not only my encourager but also my teacher and guidance”-A China girl
“Your face… your handsome face.”- A Tampiness girl
“Jefri, you are a nice man”-A Malaysian girl
“You are so flirt”-A local girl
“Jefri is the best TA I have ever had”-A lab officer
“I admire the way you openly admire yourself.. Jefri is a monster”-A Pioneer girl
“Jefri is handsome!”-NTU-ISCF Executive Committee 2007/2008
“There should be Jefri-teaching-session in our timetable”-A junior girl
“Good handwriting… thick skinned guy”- A Bukit Batok girl
“If I can, I wish I am able to emulate you in your spirit! You are that rising sun for all of us”-A local girl
“For sure, you are a nice guy.. You are great.. cute guy.. You shall be (my) best friend.. You are a super nice person.. good criteria.”-A Sengkang girl
“Jefri is the most handsome guy in the pioneering batch”-Malaysian and Indian guys.
“You are friendly”-A local girl
“Really really glad I got to know you in university.. you are my friend cum 老师..you are my PhD. 朋友”-a local girl
“JEFRI IS THE BEST”- A local girl
“Jefri!! Where are all your girlfriends?”-A Serangoon girl
“You are a helpful guy.”-A Tampiness girl
“I like your character.”-A mortgage consultant girl
(Jefri’s nickname is)”VERY H&T: VERY helpful & talkative :P”- A Boon Lay girl
“(Award for Jefri is)”‘Mr Smart!!! but soon Mr Generous as well!!!!!! Thanks for the curry puffs just now Jeff!!! ^_^”- A Civil Engineering girl
‘Jefri is a very humble, cheerful & active person who likes phototaking & video recording.”-A guy friend.
“(Jefri is)..Smart boy.”-A MDIS girl
“That’s a very thoughtful of you.”-a Modern Jazz girl
“I see halo above your head.. You are a gentleman.”-a Malaysian girl
“Jefri is the champion of apologetics”-a CG leader
“U are on a streak! (especially with girls)”-a businessman
“So handsome that every time he encounters light-reflecting window, he does some ‘never seen’ facial expressions.”-Project officers working in 1st lvl spms-pap lab.
“You are a polite foreigner.” a local girl.
“Jefri is the best senior a junior can every have,” a female junior.
“You are the most punctual among my friends.”-a tutor girl.
“(You) Really people who show interest in the Bible… You really very hilarious.”- a Cell Group Leader.
“Jefri is H&T. H&T. Helpful and Talkative… Jefri laughs always makes me laugh even louder and and funnier . His brows always go into an “8” shape and he makes that “Tsktsktsk” sound when he laughs.. Jefri , to me , looks nothing like a star.. I wonder if Jefri really has lots of girlfriends . Well , I guess if he has , they will laugh like him one day . And the earth will have more people like him ..”- Primary 6 girl.
“Jefri, your laugh is very infectious.” Crescent girl.
“Jefri, you are getting more and more handsome.” A female doctor.
“Jefri , you are really outdated. I study in school , I have lessons. I can’t use my phone in class.”— a W576 girl.
“U very nice! You are always so positive about everything :)))… Your photo looks like a mad scientist with the cheeky look.. You are my inspiration… May God bless your day. You’re so kind. I thank God I know you.”– NIE girl.
“Jefri, u r really un…un…unbelievable…gosh….hahaha… I like great looking (man). At least same handsome like you. If not, won’t consider.”– Talented n pretty Interior Designer

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