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CHC Trial 1, September, 2018

Last year when both prosecutors and lawyers presented their argument in Court of Appeal, I kinda knew this would be the outcome.
The argument from lawyers was waaaaay more convincing than the prosecutors’, after all.

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

(Photo taken from City News Facebook page)

And so, the journey ends.

CHC Trial 21, September, 2016


CHC Trial 21, September, 2016 (1)CHC Trial 21, September, 2016 (2)

(photos from City News facebook)

CHC Trial 20, September, 2016

CHC Trial 20, September, 2016 (2) CHC Trial 20, September, 2016 (1)

(credit goes to City News facebook)

CHC Trial 19, September, 2016

CHC Trial 19, September, 2016 (1) CHC Trial 19, September, 2016 (2)

(credit of photos goes to City News Facebook)

CHC Trial 16, September, 2016

CHC Trial 16, September, 2016 (1) CHC Trial 16, September, 2016 (2)

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CHC Trial 15, September, 2016


CHC Trial 15, September, 2016

(credit to City News facebook)

John Lam believed that investment into Xtron and Firna were genuine investment and redemption of bonds would be made via Ho’s album sales.
Lam’s involvement in the bond transaction were limited and episodic.
There was no intent to cause wrongful loss to the church.
Controlling the fund can be viewed managing the way the third party accessed church fund.

CHC Trial 20, November, 2015 Sentencing Day

And so, the leaders were convicted and sentenced.
I am still hoping they will appeal against the conviction and sentencing.
Anyway, my prayer is with them, their family and the church.

CHC Trial 21, October, 2015 (Day of Verdict)


“For all the dreamers, our planet’s dream is not over yet.”
– Chrono Cross –

We lost the battle today.
But, it is not the last battle.
It is true that the current verdict is not favorable toward the leaders.
However, it is still not the end.
Remember the case of NUS professor who was involved in sex-for-grades case?
He was acquitted by the High Court.
I really think CHC leaders should appeal to High Court (assuming they have enough finance).
But for now, I guess they should really rest their mind and body.

Stay strong, CHC!

CHC Trial 15, September, 2015 (Oral Submission Day 3-Day 140)

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 1

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 2

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 3

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 4

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 5

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 6

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Somehow I have the impression one of the jobs of prosecution is to throw insults after insults at the accused.
These insults are then quoted by the mainstream media.
The readers then get the impression at the accused are “liars” as prosecution calls.
However, just because prosecution calls them “liars”, it does not mean the leaders are really “liars”.
In the end, I guess the leaders themselves are already immune with such characterization.
It is just not fair for the readers as they are led to believe these leaders are bad people.

Prosecution claimed the leaders misappropriated the building fund money.
In what way was it misappropriation when building fund was invested through bonds?

Victory and good news for the leaders are on the way.
21, October, 2015. The date of their vindication.
Stay tuned.