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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 17, June, 2017

Father’s Day.

We often neglect father’s day as compared to mother’s day.
Father’s day is only a day. Fatherhood is lifetime.

There is need for father and mother to work together at home.
In Heroes of Faith, we read about Isaac.
He entered into the hall of Faith list

Heb 11:20
Isaac’s great act of faith was nothing spectacular.
He simply became a good father for his two sons.
Jacob and Esau were not easy children.
Jacob was swindler, Esau was masculine and temperamental.

Father, you are a hero of faith by believing the best for your family and children.
Your children need you to believe in them.

Two areas father needs to believe.

Father needs to believe in himself.
Many fathers are intimidated by the responsibility of fatherhood.
Some fathers see themselves as losers.
However, do our children  see us the same way as we see ourselves?

Many men feel they have failed as fathers hence they do not exercise their authority as fathers.
Children see their parents as father and mother, not husband and wife.
Even if the couple is divorced, father should not stop being a father, unless the father is physically or emotionally abusive.
Their criticism of you comes from immaturity and not their real self.

Every father needs to believe in his children.
If God Heavenly Father can believe in us, fathers should believe in their children.
God has not stopped working, hence fathers should continue believing.
Children see fathers as authority figure.
Children feel mothers love children no matter what.
Children feel they have to earn love from dad’s

Fathers are great figures in the eyes of children.
Hence, more than anyone else, children want to please their fathers.
Father’s influence for good in children’s life is enormous
Children are watching fathers, studying fathers’ body language and words.

Children are shaped by both the presence and absence of fathers
Don’t give up.
Just because you think you are not a good husband, does not qualify you from becoming a good father.

Abraham made a mistake by sleeping with Hagar to help God, he did not pray.
Abraham must have regretted his mistake.
Nevertheless, he passed on the lesson to Isaac.
Hence, when Rebecca was barren, Isaac prayed instead of helping God.

Your children are looking for a model of quiet strength, calm confidence and self control.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 29, April, 2017 Are you ok?

Rm 4:1-3
The turning point was that he realized it was not Abraham story. It was God’s story.
Abraham trusted God to set him right.

This story is not CHC story.
It is God’s story about CHC.

Scenes are not story.
It is just glimpses. 
What we go through is just a scene, it is not the story of our lives.
We maybe going through tough times. But, the story God writes always ends in the positive.

The story of Christian life is full of disappointment or unanswered questions.

Sometimes when we go through difficult times, we ask God to quickly finish the scenes.
However, the shortest distance is not the easiest distance.

Psalm 23:4
Valley of the shadow of death. It is not death itself.
Shadows can be scarier than the real things.
Our imagination runs wild. What scares us is not the real crisis, it is what runs in our mind pertaining to the future in the midst of uncertainty.

Lord Jesus has conquered death.
The shadow of death must never scare us.

Acts 27:9-11
Sometimes, we mess up because we rely on experience instead of God’s voice.
Sometimes we get dragged into a mess due to someone else’s disobedience.
When the storm has a name, it is really a hurricane.
A storm comes unexpectedly, it can be bankruptcy, failure or divorce.
A storm comes into life so powerfully that we begin to lose control of our lives and we wander aimlessly.

When we lose control, we begin to think of despair and anxiety.

Acts 27:20-22
It came to the point that all hope was lost.
Paul encouraged them, "There will be no loss of life, except the ship."
Our idea of miracle of intervention maybe different from God’s story.
Nevertheless, we will be alright. Eventually we will reach out destination. God’s story about us is not over yet.

Life is like shipwreck.
However, there is treasure to be found after shipwreck.

Sometimes, when we cannot make sense of what is happening, the only decent thing to do is to stay silent and continue with the spiritual discipline.

Ecc 3:9-13
Sometimes, while waiting for the supernatural, we fail to see the natural.

We still have people around us.
Don’t miss out all this.

While we wait for Superman, we may miss out on Clark Kent.
-Pastor Aries-

Sometimes, we way miracle happens is not supernaturally, but naturally.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 18, March, 2017

Matt 4:18-20
Lord Jesus gave them same calling but higher purpose.
Many know their calling. However, there must be higher purpose attached to it. Otherwise, the calling is only for self gratification.

Calling is always associated with passion.
Passion needs a purpose to put it into the right place to achieve maximum result.
Passion is not the same as feeling.
Passion without purpose is not sustainable.

No one loses passion.
However, we often misplace our passion on something else or somewhere else.

The tale of 2 dancers

Mark 6:16-28
Talent can bring to the place of influence but it is the purpose in us that will direct that influence.
Salome danced well. She gained influence.
However, her mom used her influence for evil purpose: the head of John the Baptist.
Calling must be accompanied with purpose.
Without purpose, someone else will use us for their selfish purpose.

Esther was smart, beautiful and able to dance well.
She obtained influence through winning beauty pageant.
Esther 4:13-16
Mordechai told Esther her purpose: to deliver the Jews from the evil plot of Haman.
Esther 5:1-3, 7:1-6
Esther captivated the king’s attention. She requested her people to be rescued. This is her purpose.

We are called City Harvest.
We are to win souls around us.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 30, July, 2016: Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence In God

Heb 10:32-35
Do no throw away confidence in God.
The Hebrews Church endured much affliction for the Gospel.
But more importantly, the church must not lose the confidence.
Since the devil cannot attack our calling, he attacks our confidence to keep us from functioning in the calling.

God has a great calling for us. He is not done with us.
When problem comes, what do we do? We must not lose confidence in God.

When we go through many corrections, setbacks, our confidence in God may dwindle.
Confidence can be deal breaker between success and failure.
All parents want to their children to be winners in a competition. How can parents encourage their children?
Parents should praise their children for doing the right things.

By focusing on the right, God instils confidence in us.
God does not always tell us where we are wrong.

1. Correction without encouragement will cause you to lose confidence.

David encouraged himself in the LORD in the midst of the problem.
When we are in the problems, we pray for perspective. We must refuse to magnify the devil.
Perspective has everything to do with whether we are encouraged or discouraged.

1 Sam 30:6
How did he encourage himself in the LORD? Most likely he sang worship songs.
Ps 34:1-4
David confessed God would deliver him from all fears.
Many times in the midst of trouble, we want God to give direct guidance so we can be rest assured everything would be alright.
However, God may not speak directly.
Sometimes God speaks through His nature rather than through direct communication.

David encouraged himself in the LORD. He then received confidence.
He did no receive the assurance of victory first.

Encouragement today will give you confidence for tomorrow.

While we build our church and lives, there will be criticism after criticism.
Nevertheless, we must encourage ourselves in the LORD.
We must not let others discourage us as they may not understand our vision.

We need to encourage others too.

2. Confidence will cause you to respond, not react to the circumstance.

1 Sam 30:7-8
Ephod = priestly garment. David did not immediately wear armor.
Ephod represents spiritual response. Armor represent reaction.
Response focuses on restoration and leads to recovery.
Reaction focuses in retribution and leads to ruins.

How do we respond? We inquire of the LORD.

A reaction is always knee-jerk and emotional.
A response to God is always bended-knees and spirituall.

Act 4:31
Boldness = confidence.
We need confidence to do the work of God.

Heb 10:30-31
The Hebrew church was too focused on how God avenges on their behalf.
Some people can only move one when they see their enemy receive the retribution.
However, our confidence is not dependent on the outcome of the retribution.
Our confidence must be based on the word of God.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 7, May, 2016

Luke 1:5-7
They were childless couple. They tried years after years.
Yet the result was the same. They experienced much disappointment.
Eventually they accepted their inability.

Zachariah and Elizabeth were from the tribes of Levi.
Their inheritance is the LORD.
Even when they could not have children, they were contented with just God as God is their portion.

God is sovereign. Sometimes delay is not denial.
The angel came and brought him the answer to their prayer.

Luke 1:13 (Passion version)
A prayer which they did not pray anymore.
Yet, God answered it.

1. You may not stop praying but God has not stopped working

Maybe there was a prayer which we said a long time ago.
Maybe things got worse instead of better.
Maybe we prayed for healing. But now, we come to accept it.
We may have given up hope for that prayer.
But, God still works.

1 Sam 1:19
God began making the necessary arrangement.
If we do not pray, God does not work.
If we stop praying, God still works.

Luke 1:11-12, 18
Angel appeared unannounced to Zechariah. In the midst of darkness, a white figure appeared.
Gabriel kept saying in excitement about the life of John.
Yet, Zechariah could not believe it.

2. Your words are the power to your miracle

Gabriel had to shut Zechariah’s mouth.
Why did he do that? Gabriel prevented him from saying things which will sabotage the miracle.
While we wait for miracle, we must never speak negative things.

3. The harder you look for it, the harder it is to find. But when you least expect it, it sneaks right up to you!

Luke 1:23-25
Elizabeth initially identified her condition with Abraham and Sara.
However, she stopped praying.
Eventually, she received the answer to her prayer unexpectedly.

Sometimes it is easier to believe in the story of the Bible than to apply it in our life

4. Your painful experience can be source of healing for others.

Luke 1:26-31
As much as John was chosen to prepare the way of Jesus, Elizabeth was chosen to prepare the way of Mary.
In the first encounter, Gabriel came to Zechariah in the midst of darkness.
In the second encounter, Gabriel came to Mary in broad daylight.
When Mary was in doubt, Gabriel cited the example of Elizabeth.

In the family, sometimes there is friction and hurts.
Whatever is not healed, it is passed down.
God wants to heal hurts and pain in the family so it will not be passed down to the children.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 12, March, 2016 The Power of Prayer

Every Christian needs to have prayer life.
Without prayer, we can’t sustain our walk with Lord Jesus.
Lord Jesus spent many times in prayer.
He went up to the mountain to pray to God the Father.

Luke 6:12
He was there all night to pray.
The power and anointing in His ministry came from prayer.

Prayer is the most sustaining force for the church.
It may be boring to do. And yet, we need prayer to last through the distance.
Without prayer, our walk with God will be stale and mere routine.
It may be difficult to understand the benefit of prayer as it is not tangible.

There are many things in life which cannot be solved with money.
When doctors in the world give up, there is one thing we can do: we can pray and believe God.
Whatever circumstance we may be in, the answer to our problem is in Lord Jesus.
We need to return to source of strength through prayer.

Luke 6:17-19
So many energy surged out from Lord Jesus. Even people were healed.
No prayer no power.
Power = dunamis = ability to perform for believer = power to achieve by applying the Lord’s inherent abilities = miraculous power, strength and might.

What did He do after prayer?
– Chose disciples and commissioned the 12
– Healed a great multitude
– Prepared and preached “The Beatitudes”
– Travelled to Capernaum, healed centurion’s servant
– Travelled to Nain, raised dead son of window.
– Bad news: John the Baptist was imprisoned. Emotional turmoil and distress.
– Defended sinful woman. Confronted Pharisees and disciples.
– Raised money for ministry
– Prepared and introduced new way of preaching: the parables. Preached to multitudes.
– Calmed the storm
– Help demonized man in Gadarenes; cast out strong demon Legion.
– Healed and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead.
– etc

The first time He prayed, He obtained the strength to achieve 3 chapters of ministry.
Luke 9:18
This is the next time He prayed.

No prayer no power.
One hour of prayer is more powerful than attending a week of prayer conference.

To win, it is not about how fast you can sprint, but it is about how fast we recover to bounce back.
Setback is actually a stimulus for growth. The real problem is that we do not recover through prayer.
Prayer life is our recovery plan.
As the busyness or disappointment or midlife crisis sets in, our spiritual life may get stuck.
The solution? We return to prayer life.
When the Spirit comes, the flesh disappears.
When we are soaked in the presence of God, we will feel refreshed and let go of that disappointment or anger.

1 Tim 2:1-8
The first thing we need to do is to start praying. P. R. A. Y.

P = Purpose

Prayer is our conversation with God. We need to be prayer savvy.
Our prayer may not be answered. Some may question the point of prayer when the answer does not come.
This is where we need to get the right understanding of prayer.
Prayers are not tools for doing or getting but for being and becoming.

Luke 10:38-42 
Martha was more concerned about doing. Mary was more concerned with being.
Prayer is about being with Jesus and becoming more like Jesus.
When we become more and more like Jesus, we will let go of that wrong desire.

We need to spend time and enjoy the presence of God.

R = Repetition

Prayer must a start as desire. Then, it becomes discipline. Then, it becomes a delight.
To reach delight stage, prayer requires repetition.

James 5:17-18
Elijah prayed 7 times until he finally saw a small cloud.

Repetition is mother of skill and father of learning.
The price to pay to be great at something – repetition.

A = Ascend

To pray we need to go up to the mountain.
Prayer is an uphill task.

Exo 3:1-4
Mountain = to we need step aside from earthly distraction to seek God.
Surround yourself with spiritual people, spiritual environment and spiritual songs.
Sometimes we need to take a break from negative people.
For a season, we need to consecrate ourselves from others. We don’t completely cut ties with non-believers.

Why has God not spoken to us?
Maybe because we are distracted all the time.

Y = Community

Matt 18:20
Prayer often starts when we are alone. But for prayers to develop into full maturity, they must be integrated into a praying community.
When we pray alone, we tend to pray for self.
When we pray together, our self tends to diminish. We learn to pray by being led to pray.
We learn to be led by the Spirit as we pray together.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 23, Jan, 2016

matt 16:1-4
The Pharisees wanted to test Lord Jesus. They wanted to seek a sign.
Isa 7:11
God is willing to give sign. However, the Pharisees asked sign to test Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus refused to fall into His trap.
In Christian walk, signs and wonders follow us, not we follow signs and wonders.
In good times, it is easy to notice signs. However, in bad times, we desperately need signs from God so we know we are in the right path.
We live by faith, not by signs.
We should not depend on signs all the time. Doing so will make us naturally minded.

After all, God’s power is not determined by manifestation or feeling.
Just because we don’t see manifestation, it does not mean God’s power is not at work.

We don’t live by feeling too.
Feeling is important in many areas, but it is irrelevant in matters of faith.

We first believe God.
Our trust will then develops the feeling toward God.
As we have feel-God factor, we will eventually develop feel-good factor.

Peter answered Lord Jesus, "You are the Christ."
This statement is the revelation. We need to live by revelation from God.

We need build our lives based on Jesus.
Like any good teacher, Lord Jesus brought Peter, James, John in a field trip.

Matt 17:1-5
Peter saw a sign of transfiguration. He wanted to build altar for Elijah and Moses.
He wanted to base his faith on these altars. However, God wanted him to listen to Jesus.

We should not live by "preaching". We should not live from sermon to sermon.
If we do, we will be disappointed when the sermon contradicts the reality of life. Instead, we should focus on Jesus.

We should not just focus on prophecy. Prophecy can be seemingly delayed in God’s timing.
Heb 11:13
Even the heroes of faith did not get to enjoy the promise from God.

Pro 16:9
we can plan but God will ultimately direct our path. We just need to trust God.

What is trust? Two crosses in the beginning and the end. Rus: r u sure.
There are doubts we experience along the way.
When we feel unsure, we need to place our doubt in Jesus. He is the beginning and the end of our lives.

Matt 17:6-8
They only saw Jesus. They focused only to Him.
To focus on Him, we need to grow in His word.

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