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Pastor Aries and Sosro

Pastor Aries Sosro

True Indonesian of Pastor Aries. Sosro tea beside him. Awesome!

Pastor Aries’ Sermon 14, March, 2020 Rhythm of Grace

Prayer is not tool to get what we want in life.
It is not terms of transaction.
Prayer is about becoming more and more like Jesus, it is not about getting.
As we are transformed, our prayer will gravitates toward God’s will.
Our faith in God is an exchange.
He wants to take away our sin and to give us rest of forgiveness and redemption.
He wants to remove our sickness and and gives us rest of health.
Numbers 21:8-9
They looked upon the snake on the pole which foreshadowed the cross of Christ.
In the midst of anxiety, we must focus on the cross, on the word of God.
We must look upon Jesus.
In the midst of Covid-19, we look at Him because by His stripes, we are healed.
This great exchange does not happen through transaction.
It does not happen because of merit or reward.
Following Jesus is not based in a reward system of merits (salvation by works).
It is about learning the unforced rhythm of grace.
Learning the rhythm of grace means we submit ourselves to Him in order to
receive His rewards.
Phil 4:19
God supplies our needs, not our wants.
1. Understand what is the unforced rhythm of Grace.
God is gentle, He does not want to force us.
He wants us to obey Him out of our own heart.
Our response therefore should be, “Not my will, but Your will be done.”
Since God does not force us, we also must not force our will to Him.
Mary submitted to God by saying, “Let it be done to me according to Your word.”
Many times we pray, read the Bible, fast and serve because we want God to keep
His end of the bargain.
However, we must be like Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego: God did not excuse them
from fire. Instead, God saved them in the fire.
Spiritual disciplines are not just a means to an end.
They give meaning to what we are going through until we reach God’s purpose at
the end.
Not only Mary, but also Joseph obeyed God by marrying Mary.
Humanly speaking, he could have chosen his way out by leaving Mary.
In midst of Covid-19, we experience mess.
Yet, we must fix our eyes upon Jesus.
He will give meaning in our mess.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 19, May, 2018 Growing Up On Purpose

Luke 2:22-23, 39-40
After the dedication, baby Jesus grew in spirit, filled with wisdom.
To grow = natural and normal growth.

Parents usually ensure their children grow well physically and mentally and intellectually.
Luke 2:41-42
Parents also ensure the spiritual growth of the children.

When parents do their best for their children, God will bring out the best in them.

From infant to 12 years old, His growth depended on his parents.
From 12 years old onward, His growth was mainly due to his effort to understand His life purpose. Increase = prokopto = to beat forward and further advance.

Jesus purposefully and intentionally grew. He chartered His own path of growth, advancing in life deliberately.

Parents should not just pray for child prodigy. Parents should pray their children to discover their life purpose.

Similarly, spiritual leaders can only bring us thus far. But we must chart our own growth.

From 12 to 30 years old, He was busy growing in His purpose.

0-12 yo: parental guidance
12-30 yo: obscure preparation
30 yo onward: minostry

Talent + preparation + opportunity = achievement

Lord Jesus spent 30 years of preparation to carry out 3.5 years of ministry and to complete 3 hours of crucifixion.

Many of us know our general purpose in God, though we do not know the specific.
When we don’t know the specific will of God, we must prepare for the general purpose of God.

Luke 4:16-22
Lord Jesus had always been attending the synagogue service.
After He had been baptized, He intentionally chose the book of Isaiah to announce His specific life purpose.

How do we grow in the general purpose of God before God reveals specific purpose?
He grew in the word of God.

Jesus knew the word of God so well that He was regarded as Rabbi.
In fact, people asked Him who His teacher was.
He even was able to summarize the complex  word of God and simplified it.

Luke 2:42-43
The Boy Jesus lingered, to stay longer than necessary.
Luke 2:46-47
He spent time asking questions and answering about the word of God.
In 18 years of preparation, He studied the word of God, prepared all the sermons even when He had no chance to preach.

Luke 3:21-22
18 years of preparation was for the one moment of anointing.
Preparation must always come first before greatness.

You can purchase his sermon here:
Growing Up On Purpose (20 May 2018), MP3, English

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Why No Coming to Church??


A sermon by Pastor Aries on Saturday, 3, March, 2018.
Various reasons why people dislike coming to church.

– I find God elsewhere
– It is not relevant to me
– Church is boring
– It feels like God is missing from church
– Church feels out of date
– I don’t like the people.
– Christians are judgmental, hypocritical, insensitive to others.

Some points to consider in reaching out to the lost. Easter is coming, after all.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 28, October, 2017

2 Kings 2:6-11
Double portion of the spirit.
Elijah did 7 miracles. Elisha did 14 miracles.
Another meaning = your life repeated in my life. I want to be a holy man just like you.

To repeat something is not easy.
It requires much fasting and prayer.
Furthermore, to do it better is even more difficult.

To repeat the success of building fund is not easy.
To have revival in 1 generation is already difficult.
To do 10 times is CHC.

We should keep repeating until overcoming is synonymous with us. We are overcomers.

CHC did many new things and overcame barriers of growth and pain.

John 16:33
Lord Jesus did all the overcoming. Our job is to appropriate His finished work.
1 John 4:4, 1 John 5:4-5
If we keep our faith, we wil overcome.
The devil only wants to steal our faith.

What is faith?
Matt 17:20
It is mountain-moving. But faith is more than that.
Many times we are in crisis then we apply mountain moving faith. But, there is more.


I is the center of life. Faith has to be the center of life.
FA = Force in Action. Mountain moving faith.
TH = Tenacity in Holding Up . Weather proof faith.

Mark 4:35-41
The presence of storm doesn’t mean the absence of Jesus.
If God wants us to be overcomers, then He allows obstacle to come in our way.
The storm became calm not because of some overpowering power. It ran out of breath, ran out of stamina.
Does the obstacle outlast our faith or does our faith outlast the obstacle?

The one who wins the race is the one who doesn’t run out of breath first.

As overcomers, we are not sprinters but long distance runners.
If we persevere and endure, the obstacle will have expiry date.

Lord Jesus was asleep even when the storm came.
He knew no one would sink.
He was telling them, “Keep calm and trust God.”
If Lord Jesus was sleeping, probably the disciples should have been sleeping on that day too.

What is the good thing about sleeping in the midst of storm?
The storm feels short when we sleep.

Heb 12:1-3
God is waiting at the finish line. He is cheering us on.
When we are lacking of faith, we should go over the story of Lord Jesus did it.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 16, September, 2017 Jesus’ Race

What is the purpose of cars going round and round in F1?
F1. Formula 1. It is a set of rules every driver needs to abide in order to win the grand prize.
It is similar to Christian life

The Jesus’ race.
If we follow the rule, we will win the ultimate grand prize.
1 Cor 9:24-26
We need to understand our purpose of walk in God.

What is the purpose of race?
Speed of race and direction.
Having a successful life is important, but the direction (or the purpose) is more important.
Success without purpose leads to frustration.
Fulfilling purpose leads to progress.

What is the point of moving so fast yet ending up in the wrong direction?
After we experience fast paced life, we need to step back and ask where the blessing leads us to.
In this F1 weekend, God wants us to slow down to consider our purpose.

Activities or busyness does not mean progress.
Success is not measured by activities but by outcomes.

The purpose of the Gospel.
The anointing at the Bethany.
Mark 14:3-9
What she did back then serves as a reminder fot all the preachers, ministers and pastors.

The purpose behind every service to Jesus.
What is this purpose?
In the passage above, there are 2 perspectives: Judas’ and disciples’.

Judas’ perspective
Jesus was not worthy of the fragrant oil.
From his perspective, Jesus is not his Lord.
How do we see Jesus in our lives?
When we are so blessed, does He remain our Lord?
When we are so busy  with ministry, does ministry become our lord?
We can be Christians but still having worldly perspective.
Purpose of the Gospel = to bring each one of us to the true estimate of His worth.
Is it a waste or a good investment?
When we go to church, is it a waste of time?
If Lord Jesus is worthy to be worshipped, nothing is too much to be offered to Him.
To Jesus, every true work is done unto the Lord not unto men.

When we are successful, maybe it is time to reevaluate our progress.
Col 3:23-24
Do we do it for Jesus and not unto men?
We can be so busy winning the lost and not do it for God.

In our pursuit of success, initially we may do it for God.
Yet, we deviate along the way.
What have we been in the past few years?
If we do it unto man (or even ourselves), we will be frusrated.

The disciples’ perspective
Matt 26:8-9
Judas’ perspective is the world’s.
Yet, disciples’ perspective is even more relevant to us.
They criticized the woman for pouring oil to Jesus.
To them, waste = not fully maximized.
Many times we compare ourselves with other Christians.
We may pray: God, my talents/times are not fully maximized. I should serve in a much larger scale. Lord, You are not using mr enough.

The Lord is telling us: stop looking at others and start looking at Him.
Purpose of the Gospel: the Lord is pleased.
It is not “Has the poor been helped?”.
It is “Has the Lord been satisfied?”
Large ministry is just the byproduct.

There is endless service to the poor or endless business opportunity.
But, His biggest concern is whether we please Him.
It is Him, not the service to Him.

This woman is a reminder to all of us.
Mark 14:9
Only when the Lord is pleased, then the poor will be satisfied.
The aim of preaching the Gospel is to satisfy Him.

When she broke the jar of oil, the fragrance spread.
It is also called the fragrance of Christ.
When something inside us is broken, the fragrance of Christ exudes from us that attracts non-Christians to Him.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 2, September, 2017

Lord Jesus was a great Teacher.
He was patient with His students.
And, He changed their lives.

What is the most important lesson He wanted them to learn?
During 40 days after His resurrection, He taught them many important lessons.

John 20:29
This one important lesson: we live by faith, not by sight or feeling.
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed.
3.5 years the disciples were with Lord Jesus.
They saw Lord Jesus in action. He healed and created miracle.
It was an easy Christian life for them.
He was there to affirm their faith.
When He was around, it was easy for them to believe in God.

What would happen if He was no longer walking on earth?
How would the disciples survive their faith without Him?
Hence, it was the important lesson which also applies to everyone of us.
How do we face life’s challenge without Lord Jesus in front of us?

On the mountains, it’s easy to feel God’s presence.
But in the valleys, we need to be aware of His presence.
During valley experience, we need to feel Him all the more.

John 20:11-16
When we go through sadness or crisis, we tend to pray, “God, I want to see You.”
However, just because we can see Him during crisis, it does not mean we can recognize Him.
Sometimes, our salvation (i.e. breakthrough) does not look like our expectation.
Many people can recognize Jesus in good times, but cannot recognize Him in bad times.

Jonah 1:11-17
Jonah was thrown into the sea.
From human perspective, the best rescue was a cruise ship.
From God’s perspective, His method of salvation was a big fish.
Sometimes, God allows another problem as a way to save us from our current problem.

In the midst of  her grief, Lord Jesus called mary’s name.
Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

Hab 2:1
It is not “I watch to see what He will show me”
It is “I watch to see what He will say to me”

When we cannot see God, we can read His word so we can get our faith back on track.
That is how we live by faith and not by sight.

John 20:24-25, 29
Doubting Thomas.
Sometimes one silly mistake and we are labelled even by Christians
The other disciples saw Lord Jesus first. Thomas was not there at first.
Why couldn’t Thomas believe immediately?
He was disappointed when Lord Jesus was crucified
Sometimes we can be so disappointed that we do not want to expect anything anymore.
However, even in the midst of disappointment, we should always return to church, to the fellowship of the saints.
Just one touch of Lord Jesus, Thomas changed.

Jesus wants to touch us, though His method varies.
Very often we reward on the method, but we don’t focus on the touch.
The older we get as Christians  many times we are up to date with the methods and we seldom depend on His touch.

Let us surrender to His touch.
Let us cast aside any method.


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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 26, August, 2017 Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

Law of pain.
Good management of bad experience leads to great growth.

Miracles are not just for testimonies.
There are lessons behind those miracles.
Without learning the lesson, we will fall into the same setback

Obedience is better than sacrifice.
Why is it so?
Somehow, to sacrifice is more inconvenient than to obey.

1 Sam 15:14-22
Saul was to destroy the Amalekites completely without sparing anyone or even animal.
But, he spared king Agag and the best flock.
Samuel confronted Saul but Saul gave excuse that he would sacrifice to God.
Samuel was fed up and declared: to obey is better than sacrifice.

When Saul was caught disobeying, he used sacrifice as an excuse for restitution.
It is more like bribing God rather than sacrificing, really.

It is not God diminishes the value of sacrifice.
It is simply: we cannot with compensate with sacrifice what we lose through disobedience.
An analogy: there is an exam tomorrow but we forget to study. The following morning we ask God the exam questions and promise to give tithe. But, God will most likely not help.

Samuel was first expecting repentance from Saul, not sacrifice.

2 Kings 4:1,2
The husband might not be so good in managing money.
Elisha did not immediately pray for her.
He asked her, “What do you have?”
She said, “A little oil.”
The miracle is in the house: in our pursuit for the supernatural, we may fail to see the natural.
She wanted God to do the miracle.
However, God wanted to do miracle together with her.

2 Kings 4:3-4

1.Miracle is for use, not for show.
Elisha told her to borrow jugs and vessels. That’s the sign of hardwork.
The miraculous provision of God always invites hardwork and never excuses laziness.

2.obedience is your preparation for miracles.
In her obedience, she prepares herself to receive miracle from God.

2 Kings 4:7
We need to change our mindset and learn how to live from excess not in excess.
Retention of miracle requires renewed mindset.

The wedding of Cana.
The servants knew water become wine.
However, the host did not know.
It is all because the servants obeyed Lord Jesus.
The miracle happened behind the scene.
Sometimes God brings us behind the scene so we can work with Him to produce the miracle.


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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 5, August, 2017 Happy National Day

If we forget our history, we will have to relearn the painful lessons.

Pain prepares us for our purpose.
It is only when we have learned, then we can improve.

The law of pain
Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth.
Conversely, bad management of bad experiences leads to repeat crisis and decline
Proverb 12:1

Mark 6:34-38
When the disciples found a problem, they deflected the issue.
However, it did not solve the problem.
Nevertheless, Lord Jesus wanted to involve them in solving the problem.
While we pray to remove the problem, God says, “You can solve it.”
There were only 12 disciples and at least 5000 men. So, there was logistics issue.
In the end, Lord Jesus did the miracle.
Sadly, they ate and were full and learned nothing from this miracle.

An experience does not teach anything.
Only an evaluated experience yields wisdom.

When we encounter crisis, we pray.
After God does a miracle for us, we are happy, we share testimony.
However, we must not stop at the testimony.
We must learn something.
Miracle serves to us not just as a testimony but as a tutor.

Miracle equips us to face the next problem.
In fact, we must not use miracle to justify foolish action.

The disciples failed the test in Mark 6 (5 loaves and 2 fish).
So, Lord Jesus repeated the test.
Mark 8:1-10
The same problem.
However, the disciples failed the test.
Lord Jesus then multiplied the food from 7 loaves and few fish.

What lesson did Lord Jesus want them to learn?
God always produces more with less.
When we deal with a crisis, we must deal with the renewed mind, not just realistic mind.
When we face a problem, we should pray for perspective and protection.

Mark 8:13-15
The disciples quarreled over one bread since they had forgotten to bring more bread.
Eventually Lord Jesus confronted them, “Do you get it? How is it you do not understand?”

A lot of Christians can rehearse and recite the miracles.
But, not many understand the lesson behind a miracle.

When we are in crisis, we may not be able to see or think clearly.
We may have difficulty seeing Jesus or hearing from Jesus.
Nevertheless, we can remember the lesson from the previous miracle.

John 14:26
The Holy Spirit teaches the lesson behind the miracle and He reminds us too.

Psalm 25:4
Don’t just stop at the miracle.
We should also learn the lesson and His ways.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 17, June, 2017

Father’s Day.

We often neglect father’s day as compared to mother’s day.
Father’s day is only a day. Fatherhood is lifetime.

There is need for father and mother to work together at home.
In Heroes of Faith, we read about Isaac.
He entered into the hall of Faith list

Heb 11:20
Isaac’s great act of faith was nothing spectacular.
He simply became a good father for his two sons.
Jacob and Esau were not easy children.
Jacob was swindler, Esau was masculine and temperamental.

Father, you are a hero of faith by believing the best for your family and children.
Your children need you to believe in them.

Two areas father needs to believe.

Father needs to believe in himself.
Many fathers are intimidated by the responsibility of fatherhood.
Some fathers see themselves as losers.
However, do our children  see us the same way as we see ourselves?

Many men feel they have failed as fathers hence they do not exercise their authority as fathers.
Children see their parents as father and mother, not husband and wife.
Even if the couple is divorced, father should not stop being a father, unless the father is physically or emotionally abusive.
Their criticism of you comes from immaturity and not their real self.

Every father needs to believe in his children.
If God Heavenly Father can believe in us, fathers should believe in their children.
God has not stopped working, hence fathers should continue believing.
Children see fathers as authority figure.
Children feel mothers love children no matter what.
Children feel they have to earn love from dad’s

Fathers are great figures in the eyes of children.
Hence, more than anyone else, children want to please their fathers.
Father’s influence for good in children’s life is enormous
Children are watching fathers, studying fathers’ body language and words.

Children are shaped by both the presence and absence of fathers
Don’t give up.
Just because you think you are not a good husband, does not qualify you from becoming a good father.

Abraham made a mistake by sleeping with Hagar to help God, he did not pray.
Abraham must have regretted his mistake.
Nevertheless, he passed on the lesson to Isaac.
Hence, when Rebecca was barren, Isaac prayed instead of helping God.

Your children are looking for a model of quiet strength, calm confidence and self control.

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